Visualization Technique

Hey guys, I have been reading more lately and right now I’m reading a book about using the Law of Attraction for controlling others using subconscious communication especially when it comes to love. I’m really into how to strengthen the powers of the mind and visualization is a HUGE part of that. Here is the visualization technique given in the book, in my understanding: First you want to relax, by meditating Next you want to focus energy opening your heart […]

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Number 666 is a compilation of the energies attributes to the number 6, including honesty, justice, integrity, charity, faith, love, humanity, service, balance and peace, domesticity, responsibility, care, the teacher, convention, the provider, protection, idealism, selflessness, charity, faithfulness, the nurturer, truth, order, economy, emotional depth, curiosity, deep love of home and family, humanitarianism, service, unselfishness, balance, peace, self-sacrifice, empathy, sympathy, unconditional love, circulation, agriculture, grace, simplicity, compromise, reliability, social responsibility, compassion, beauty, the arts, generosity, concern, family, home, community service, self-harmony, nurturing, caring and harmony, the need for stability in all areas of life, society, possessions, planetary issues and concrete tangibles. Number 6 also symbolizes gratitude, responsibility and service which needs to be achieved through love and self-less service to humanity.



Angel Number-666