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Hi, I'm Magically Bree

I started this blog in the Spring Equinox of 2017 as a way to both grow and document my growth when it came to MAGICK! Yes you read that right, this blog is all about witchcraft, specifically HOODOO, creativity, spirituality, divination, astrology, and my life as I navigate my way to a life of financial freedom, travel, love, and art!

I have been on my magical journey for over 5 years, after experiencing several traumas, I decided to take my life into my own hands, and the results have been AMAZING, my growth in the past year alone is nothing short of a miracle.

Through practicing divination I have learned how to professionally offer guidance about magick and manifesting. Check out my services and book me for a reading today!

Check out my Etsy Shop to purchase my Oracle Decks, Art, and Jewelry Creations!

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Dream Job: Being paid to be myself ie. Artist, Blogger, Diviner.

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