✨Embrace Your Divine Feminine Energy✨

Today I want to share a quick post about embracing your inner goddess or your divine feminine.

This post is for anyone who wants to…

  • Be more feminine
  • Get creative
  • Collaborate with others better
  • Increase intuition

The divine feminine energy is not exclusively for women and can be accessed by everyone who wants it.

This is something I’ve been working on for myself for awhile and I must say my intuition has been on point, I’ve been a better housekeeper, and I’m more comfortable in my skin.

This is not about being girly, a better version of what men want, or anything that society views as acceptable behavior for a woman. These are simply the ways I choose to embrace the divine feminine into my life and magical practice.

  1. First, connect with “Mother Nature”, spend time in a garden, go for a walk, stop and smell the roses. The beauty of nature is vast, magical, and healing so get to know the different herbs and their magical and medicinal purposes. Try growing some houseplants.
  2. Compare yourself to the flowers, not to other women (or people). In nature, flowers are all different, but they are all beautiful and all attract pollinators with beautiful colors and scents. You are a flower, your unique features are your colors, your talents are your scent, and the pollinators are the things you want to manifest.
  3. Live by the moon. Learn the phases and what they are best for. The New Moon for beginnings and Full for letting go, for example. The moon rules emotions and intuition, perfect to invoke feminine energy.
  4. Work on your heart chakra! Be open, loving, and compassionate but also firm, protective, generous.
  5. Be creative!!! One of the most amazing things about being a woman is the ability to bear life, this is creation in a most powerful way. Everyday try to create something new and beautiful. Try painting, making jewelry, writing, etc.
  6. Make your magic beautiful!! If you haven’t created an altar before you could start creating small ones around the home, not only are they pretty to look at they will also attract what you want into your life! Make your surroundings and yourself beautiful by taking care and cleansing regularly, adding your own unique spin, and incorporating art into you home/looks.

This is my advice for connecting with the divine feminine! Do you have anything you could add to this list? Please share!

With Love,


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