Most spiritual people will have different crystals around the house, but they are much more than pretty rocks for decoration. Crystals are a powerful channel of energy and can be used for many different purposes. This list of 20 crystals is a great guide for completing your collection or learning the metaphysical properties of some of your favorite stones.

Stress Relief:
Lepidolite: The peace stone, balances mind, body, or spirit.
Amazonite: Reduces feelings of agression, fear and worry.
Sodalite: Helps us trust our intuition in stressful situations.

Tigers Eye: Used for focusing on tasks, limiting your distractions.
Smokey Quartz: Removes negative energy, which often hinder focus and concentration.
Hematite: Grounding for times you are feeling drawn in several directions at once.
Blue Sapphire: Gives a new sense of inner knowing to add in completing a task.

Bloodstone: Increases creativity. Calms the mind which enhances the decision-making process.
Celestite: is a great creative stone, especially for the arts. Creates a divine connection with the universal source.

Attracting Love:
Rose Quartz: Good for all types of relationships, from friendship, family, and romantic love.
Amber: Considered a good luck charm for love and marriage.

Money Makers:
Pyrite: Also known as fools gold, used to attract good luck.
Citrine: powers up your solar plexus chakra, which helps build your confidence.
Green Jade: promotes the flow of prosperity and abundance into our lives.

Fire Agate: helps you feel calm, safe and secure during attacks.
Black Tourmaline: is a powerful stone for protection against all types of negative energy

Moldavite: known as an extra terrestial energy amplifier, accelerates your spiritual growth.
Amethyst: considered the most spiritual of all stones.

Overall Wellbeing:
Clear Quartz: considered a “master healing” and enhances your intuition and psychic ability.
Selenite: unblocks negative energy to allow more positive energy flow in your body.

How many of the 20 crystals do you currently have apart of your collection? Which ones do you plan to add?