How To: Care For Your Crystals

Today I’m sharing tips on taking care of crystals so that they can best serve you. Crystals and stones have been here and used for healing for ages, there are mentions of them used in the Bible even. I believe everyone should have a crystal collection but also should be aware of how to work with them. Every crystal is different and therefore they all have different needs but the most important things to remember are Cleansing, Charging, and Intention.

✨Cleansing is essential for every new crystal and in between working with them. There are different ways to cleanse your stones, to clear them of any built up energy left from environments, people, even other crystals can “bleed” into the energy of your stone.

✨Charging can often be done simultaneously with cleansing the crystals. When you charge a stone you are giving it extra energy that you can use to work with.

Some ways I like to cleanse/charge my stones:

?Moon/Sun energy, I usually keep the stones on the window seal and let them sit there for a couple days. If it’s a New or Full Moon I tend to actually put them outside to cleanse and charge.

?I use larger stones to cleanse my smaller ones. I have a pretty good sized amethyst that I put crystals in. The best stones to do this with are clusters and geodes, try it with amethyst, selenite, or a quartz.

?Visualization!! This is probably my favorite because it’s simple (for me). You can be very creative with visualizing your stones are clear, you can do this by picturing the stone being bathed in bright white light or that it’s being cleansed in a river by just imagining it.

There are other cleansing methods but those are my faves.

?For charging the crystals try putting them in the soil of a healthy plant, I find this mutually beneficial for but stone and plant. You can also bury them underground for a few days just don’t forget where you buried them! ?

✨When you hold a crystal you should be able to pick up on the subtle vibrations of it, with INTENT you give the crystal purpose in you life.

To program your crystals and stones: first think about what you need in your life, for example I’m an artist so I have programmed a stone to give me creative ideas when I’m carrying or wearing it. It’s easy to do, just focus your energy on it being specific in what you need it to do, then spend some time with it (putting it to work), cleansing and charging regularly.

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