Affirmations are positive statements that are high vibrational and have been an amazing tool for manifesting and growth in my life.  

Sometimes they are sayings that are already true, but mostly they are statements of how you imagine your best life, spoken as if they are true presently.

Here is my (ever-growing) list of positive affirmations that I love to speak to my life, I say them when I first wake up in the morning, while putting on makeup, while sitting in traffic, in the shower, and right before closing my eyes at night:

I have the right to be HAPPY!
My life is exciting
I wake up in the morning with purpose and enthusiasm
I can’t help but see beauty in everything around me
I always have fun
I am confident
I know exactly what to do to achieve success
I am healthy
I feel loved by the people around me
I am wealthy
I am calm
I am free to be myself at all times
I have a brilliant mind
My bank account is growing
My thoughts are filled with positivity
I have no fear
I radiate beauty and charm
I have true friends that love me
Money is not a problem in my life
I am safe and secure
People trust my opinions and come to be for advice
I am happy
Manifesting comes easy to me
I am able to create effortlessly
I am productive
I inspire others to live positive lives
Passionate love is a thing I experience
I am successful
I have no problem communicating
I learn from my mistakes

Feel free to create your own affirmations!!


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