The Akashic Records is a realm of infinite wisdom in a subconcious “library” of knowledge gathered over all lifetimes and exists within everyone. This information is meant to assist you in this lifetime and act as a guide.

Everything is energy and all energy is recorded and kept safe to be accessed again. Everything you do, feel, think leaves an imprint into your DNA or your personal Akashic Records. All the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of everyone on Earth is recorded in the collective Akashic Records, and on an even bigger scale, every single thing is recorded in the universal Akashic Records.

If you want to more about your past lives, you will need to learn how to dive deep into your personal records. It is beyond powerful to learn about your infinite abilities and experiences.

Anyone can access the Akashic records, some easier than others, just like when it comes to meditation or any other skill, some may be more in tune or natural than others.

Let’s explore this by trying the following exercises followed by journaling your experience, don’t get discouraged if you have a hard time accessing this infinite well of knowledge, it’s not going anywhere and you can try this as much as you need.

First, meditate to quiet the mind, don’t over think this because this will be distracting to the process. It is important to be a vibrational match to your higher self and avoid resistance.

Next you will need to practice visualization, using your imagination to conceptualize the idea of the Akashic Records, so for some may see with their minds eye an amazing library, others may see a giant file cabinet, for me I will try searching the ‘Akashic Internet’

Now when you go into a library, file cabinet or search engine you will usually be looking for something specific. This is the same idea here, so you might want to have a few questions in mind, what are you looking to find? Maybe you want to know what places you’ve been or maybe want to clarify thoughts you may have about a moment in time. Or maybe you are just browsing, so you will just spend a little time using your intuition to guide you to the information you need in that moment.

Journaling About It:
Write out your feelings, the experiences, expectations, insights, and shifts that may have happened while visualizing your Akashic Records.