All About Auras

Everything has an aura, and everyone can see them with a little practice, this post is all about AURAS

What is an aura? 

An aura is the energy field around all types of matter, whether that is a person, plant, animal, or object. Each color aura represents different aspects of the subjects energy/well-being/personality. 

Why should you read auras?

  • To decide if  you should confront a person at a certain time
  • Learn what improvements can be made to your environment.
  • Tune in to illnesses and conditions around you.
  • And many more benefits… 

Every time you come into contact with someone, your aura reacts to his or hers. If your aura’s frequency is close to theirs, you will feel drawn to them. If not, you may feel an instant dislike towards them.

How to read an aura?

Practice on yourself: Turn off any lights and let natural light flow in. Hold your hands out at full distance in front of you. Don’t stare hard or strain your eyes, instead steadily gaze at your hands. Moving your hands slowly, bring your fingertips together until they are almost touching. You should notice a cloudy haze appear around your fingers.

After practicing on yourself, practice on:

  • A living houseplant
  • A tree
  • An animal/pet
  • A friend/family

If you are a beginner to reading auras, remember practice makes perfect. So while you may only see pale colors when you first attempt, with practice you will begin to see a very vivid range of colors. 

Patterns you may notice and what they mean:

The Fuzzy Aura

Lack of clear personal boundaries. Tendency to take on other people’s stuff, get caught up in other people’s problems. Issues with defining healthy personal boundaries and neutrally saying ‘no’ to others. Unconscious believing ‘if you want people to like you, it’s not okay to set boundaries’.

The Aura Wall

A defensive attempt to define personal boundaries. Putting up psychic walls and blocking out others to feel safe. Tendency to assert your will through resistance and judgement.

Spiky Aura

Feeling threatened and ready for conflict. Deeply wounded. Usually a history of some kind of abuse: physical, sexual, mental, emotional, etc. Reactive. When a person has this kind of aura stance, they will often hurt other people–even those who may be trying to help.

Neutral Aura

Clear sense of Self. Able to define healthy boundaries with others. Takes self responsibility. Owns personal space without needing to fight or defend. Empowered to respond neutrally.

What the Colors Mean: 

RED: lifeforce, survival, raw passion, anger, frustration, menstruation, determination, sense of importance, feeling overwhelmed by change

ORANGE: sensuality, physical pleasure, emotional self-expression, creativity, lacking reason, lacking self-discipline, health, vitality

YELLOW: mental alertness, analytical thought, happiness, optimism, child-like, ego driven, thinking at expense of feeling

GREEN: healing, peace, nurturing, new growth, fear, need for security, jealousy and envy, balance

BLUE: verbal communication, freethinking, relating to structure and organization, emphasis on business, male energies, sadness, possibilities

PURPLE: wisdom, authoritative, female energies, matriarchal, sense of superiority, controlling, imagination, intuition

BROWN: grounding, down to earth, practical, male energies, invalidating, emphasizing body and denying spirit, feeling worth-less

BLACK: issues relating to death, hatred, lack of forgiveness, unresolved karma, dark intentions, shadow games, needing compassion for self

PINK: self-love, tenderness, female energies, gay energies, emphasis on physical appearances, being ‘nice’ at expense of being ‘real’

WHITE (CLOUDY): New Age or religious energy, lacking consciousness, a cover-up, denial, being ‘good’ at expense of being ‘whole’

WHITE (CLEAR LIGHT): very high spiritual vibration, godly, divine, inspiration, seeing spiritual big picture, compassionate

GOLD: high spiritual vibration, integrity, respect, freedom, clear seeing, integrating spirit and body, creating as spirit

Position of Aura Meaning:

Aura at Front

If you are getting ahead of yourself and moving your energy out into the future, often your aura will move out in front of your body. This can be the result of stress and anxiety, and in turn it can also create stress and anxiety. You might find yourself temporarily doing this if you’re in a hurry. Doing this on a regular basis can lead to posture problems and health issues. On a spiritual level, it can indicate living for the future rather than honoring the present. 

Aura at Back

If you are holding yourself back by dwelling on the past, the energy of your aura will move out behind your body. Often this is the result of unhealed issues from the past and also fear of the future. This can prevent people from moving forward in life and result in further depression. It can also lead to posture problems. On a spiritual level, it can indicate making the past more powerful than present.

Aura Floating above Body

If you are trying to escape life and avoid facing reality, the energy of your aura will float up above your body. Often people who do this are living in a fantasy world. They may talk big, but may manifest very little. This is often the result of some kind of trauma and can also lead to further trauma through accidents, poor relationships, job loss, etc. On a spiritual level, it often indicates making fantasy more real than the present.

Centered Aura & Clear Aura

If you are being present for your life and centering in the now, the energy of your aura will generally reflect that with a clear neutral aura definition and be balanced in and around your body. This supports health, personal empowerment, and having an aligned posture. On a spiritual level, it allows you to create your future without leaving the present. It also offers the ability to heal the past, without reliving it and getting stuck in it.

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-Magically Bree

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