Angel Numbers

These repeating numbers are signs and symbols of synchronicity from spirit guides and angels.

These number sequences are important because they catch our attention and are more likely to stick with you. This is spirits way to signal us to inspire positive vibes.


A message to be aware of your reoccurring thoughts, these thoughts are manifesting quickly, make sure you have positive and optimistic mindset. Be inspirational.


Very powerful as 22 is a master builder number, 222 has to deal with balance, harmony, faith, trust, duality, cooperation and timely opportunities. Keep your faith.


Seeing this after prayer is indication that your prayers have been heard and supported by Jesus. The more threes you see the better. As so above, so below. Trinity.


Your angels are by your side asking that you pay attention closely to the world around you. You are protected. This relates to your home life and inner circle.


Signifies positive change ahead. Prepare and embrace these life changes.


Most recognized for its controversy and association with the devil. Calls for reevaluation, seek truth, question your beliefs, get on the right path, unlearning is important.


Look to the past and learn the lessons but do not dwell. Make conscious decisions and use caution while making moves. Sit with your spirit guides.


Money, abundance and balance. Seeing 888 multiple times in a day is a sign that money is coming. Align yourself with an abundance mindset to make manifesting much easier.


Completion of a cycle. Closure. Shift for change as your next phase of life begins. The final step, new beginnings.


Fresh beginnings, start something new. This means GO! New potential and possibilities ahead.


This is a wake up call! Higher consciousness communication with angels and spirit guides is heightened. Make your wishes known!

-Magically Bree

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