Aries Season Intuitive Reading

This reading is all about where you should focus your energy during Aries season from March 20 – April 19.

This is an Astrological New Year!! A time of excitement, goals, new beginnings, competition and fun. Aries, the first Zodiac Sign, is all about that action. Aries can make great leaders but can also be very impulsive and self centered. During this energetic transit we should keep our egos in check and try new things.

Take a moment to look at these four images, choose the one that resonates with you most.

1. Bare Tree: During this time be VERY true to yourself, sometimes you tend to hide behind a facade of who you were or who you wish to be. Be exactly who you are in this moment, that’s the person the world needs right now. Be honest about how you feel about certain things, bare it all and stand in your truth. Aries season is going to push you to being more open and confident.

2. Floating in Flowers: Honestly, during this transit you don’t need to do anything but rest and pamper yourself. You’ve been dealing with a lot of emotions lately and now is the time to let it all go. Aries season is going to make you feel very careless in the best way possible.

3. Isolated Home: Your focus during the sun in Aries transit is gonna be all about how you can upgrade your living situation, maybe you currently live with family or in a place that you have outgrown. I’m getting very strong “move far far away” signals here so this could be a warning as well. Aries season is going to make you want a new view in life, literally and metaphorically.

4. Volcano: Your biggest goal at this time should be controlling your emotions, especially your anger. You have to tendency to be really extra in how you feel about things, your opinions are over the top, you always have something to add, and this emotional roller coaster is impacting your life and relationships. During Aries season track your emotions and learn ways you can better express yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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Magically Bree

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