Beginners Guide to Divination!

If this is your first time on welcome!! Get comfortable I have a lot to share. If you are familiar or a friend of Magically Bree you already know one of the cornerstones of this blog is DIVINATION, but what does that mean!

Today I’m providing a crash course on divination to hopefully encourage more people to being open to trying different forms of divination. If you are serious about learning, I can help you in my Online Study Group: One Of A Kind Oracles on Facebook.

So what is the definition of divination: the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural tools/means or the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic, standardized process or ritual.

Some examples of supernatural tools: cards (tarot, oracles), dice, charms/crystals, pendulum, runes, etc.

Some examples of divination means: Apantomancy. Biblomancy, Cartomancy, Astrology, Oracle, Palmistry, Dowsing, etc.

FAQ about Divination:

Is it evil? My answer, No. But in the bible divination is looked at as a sin, because no one is supposed to foresee the future, but God. There should be a level of understanding of the spirit realm, and protection is important for any and everything even divination. Also trusting your spiritual workers and readers is super important, not necessarily because they may be evil but this is a sensitive business that is completely faith based which some try to take advantage of.

How does it work? Divination works in different ways depending on how you are practicing and the subject of the reading. When it comes to astrology, there are established meaning to the patterns of the stars, it’s just a matter of understand the many combinations. In a past life reading for example it’s best to access Akashic Records, which is like a source of information for all mankind, also known as the ‘collective consciousness’ it’s important to realize we (and all situations) all are connected. Some diviners are able to actually see the future through precognition, but I believe the information I divine on the future is just one of many possibilities based on the persons freewill and choices. Mainly how I believe divination works is through building a relationship with spirit guides who can help guide you, so doing divination is less about the person performing it but the spirit guides who care to share more about the past, present, or future, because they are omnipresent in all realms and situations.

Can everyone read? I believe everyone can, with knowledge and practice. Should everyone read for others, personally I don’t believe everyone should try to divine for others some people should practice divination for themselves only. In order to read you must be able to shift your consciousness, steady your mind so you can hear, and have a wide understanding of symbolism. It is not just simply pulling a card out of a deck, and reading the definition from a book.

What is the difference between a tarot deck and an oracle deck? Tarot decks are oracles, not all oracles are tarot. Tarot follows a specific structure. Oracles follow the symbols put in place by the creator. Oracles do not conform to any particular structure or tradition.

What is the difference between divination and fortune-telling? Fortune-telling suggests that the future is set in stone and we have little control over the outcomes. Divination gives us options, ideas and power in manifesting our own goals and desires.

Do you have to be a psychic to work with divination? Not necessarily psychic but strong trust in your intuition helps in interpreting oracles. Oracles themselves help us develop our own psychic ability. But whether or not you consider yourself “psychic” you can enjoy and benefit from divination.

I want a reading but I’m scared? Ask yourself what you’re afraid of… is it the possibilty of someone foretelling doom and death? This is not likely, besides that we are all gonna die. Or are you afraid someone could reveal something that you would rather keep secret? that’s the reason we all need shadow work, never fear those parts of your psyche. Most likely you’re afraid of being told the things that you already know and being forced to face it, because in my experience this is what most of my readings are like. 

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I really hope you guys find this post helpful!!

-Magically Bree


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