Beginners Guide to Pendulums

Hey Magical Ones, I want to talk about PENDULUMS today!

A pendulum is a weight, such as a crystal, attached to a string and generally are used to give yes or no predictions to questions. A pendulum is not inherently magick in nature because it is actually moved by your subconscious mind and not the pendulum itself. You can find them in occult shops, crystal shops, online (like, here) or make your own by attaching a weight (crystal, charm, whatever) to a chain or string.  

Working with the Pendulum:

To receive divination from the pendulum you must first understand how your pendulum speaks this is called “programming” what movement is yes and what movement is no. I do this by holding the pendulum in one hand as still as possible (it helps to steady your elbow on a table or other surface), I say, “Show me a Yes” and I wait for the movement whether it be back in forth or clockwise or whatever the case may be. Then I try it again looking for a no.

Another technique to find out how your pendulum speaks, hold it over something, like a dollar for instance, and ask “Is this a dollar?” it will give you a truthful answer. Now ask “Is this a $100 bill?” and the movement should change.

I also like to differenciate between a strong and weak yes/no answer sometimes too, or ask to see a “maybe”.

So, you know what is yes and what is no, and you want to start asking your pendulums for guidance. First of all do not force your pendulum to answer by deliberately moving it in a certain direction (kinda defeats the purpose), you should start with a clear mind and try not to be too attached to the answer you want.

Make sure you are asking questions that can be answered by a yes or no answer. For example instead of asking, “How does she feel about me?” ask “Does she miss me?”.

If you are asking more than one question, clear the pendulum by allowing it to fall still between each one.

There are many uses beyond asking just yes or no questions. You can use a pendulum with a divination board/chart, to find lost items, and even to find out what chakras are imbalanced.

In my divination study group ‘One of a Kind Oracles’ we will eventually do a pendulum unit where we will learn more about using this amazing tool.

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