Book Of Shadows Ideas

A book of Shadows is a magical reference book written by a witch to guide them in their journey. I have one I call it my ‘Magical Musings’ book. It includes most of what I suggest here.

If you make a BOS and need ideas of what to put in here you go, as always the more creative the better! Remember this is a magical tool so use it wisely and protect it.

✨Moral Code, Ethics, “Rules”✨

✨Astrology, Moon phases, zodiac sign information, astrological events✨

✨Dieties, Gods/Goddesses, Offerings for them✨

✨Rituals/Spells, How-To, tools, results✨

✨Prayers, chants, mantras, affirmations✨

✨Dream Journal✨

✨Information on crystal healing✨

✨Herbalism, essential oils✨

✨Recipes for potions, salves, spiritual baths, etc.✨

✨Poetry, Artwork, Quotes✨

✨Divination practices and results, tarot spreads✨

Again, these are just ideas! If you have more ideas add them.

-Magically Bree

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