Magically Bree

Business Plan

Magically Bree is a lifestyle brand inspired and created by an Artist and Oracle. Started as a blog about spirituality and magick, this brand has evolved to offer the service of divination readings, art and oracle decks. This is only the beginning for Magically Bree and this business plan is meant to be a guide for growth and a tool to achieve my many business goals. This business plan is also being utilized by others who may be interested in investing in this brand, I hope to address all questions you may have, if not please contact me here

Many people experience a personal awakening and feel as if they have to go through it alone, I want to help.

My divination services are in place to help guide you, inspire you, and bring you closer to your own divine purpose. I am a creative oracle, my readings are a combination of asking the right questions, trusting in spiritual guidance, intuition, story telling, and art. I use Magically Bree Brand oracle decks with other clarifiers such as dice, charms, and stickermancy to add a level of fun to my readings. Most readings are sent via a private YouTube video link so that you are able to view as many times as needed.

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With my tarot and oracle decks you can practice creating your own divination practice, Shop.