Cartomancy is the practice of divining using cards, in this post I’ll give you some tips to help you guys get started with playing card divination!

In yes and no readings:

majority red = yes

majority black = no

Feminine suits (red) = Hearts and Diamonds

Masculine suits (black) = Spades and Clubs

Suits = Tarot = Element: Common Meanings

♥️Hearts = Cups = Water: love, emotion, relationships, happiness

♠️Spades = Swords = Fire: negativity, challenges, loss, anger

♦️Diamonds = Pentacles = Earth: business, materials, wealth, power, money, rewards

♣️Clubs = Wands = Air: luck, growth, business, communication, social interaction, thoughts

Numerology of the Cards

1. (Ace) New beginnings, endings

2. Love, duality, relationships, conflict

3. Karma, fate, Saturn (boundaries and restrictions)

4. Material world, completion, home matters

5. Freedom, change, Mars (action, war, conflict)

6. Divine, Sun (self or ego)

7. Growth or stagnation, Venus (beauty, relationships, friendships)

8. Intellect, illness, luck, Mercury (communication, technology)

9. Inner being, soul, Moon (emotions, family issues, home)

10. Completion, wholeness

11. (Jack) young person, thoughts, messages

12. (Queen) woman, intuition

13. (King) man, action, power

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I hope this is helpful to you diviners!! Any questions!? Contact me here.