Make A Vision Board That Actually Works!

I’d love to see your vision boards!! Comment on this post and share them with me! 

Happy New Year!!

One of my favorite rituals for celebrating the New Year is creating a vision board, I’ve done this for the past three years and every year I get a little better. Many of the things that manifested for me in 2018 were things I put on my vision board, for example I put a lot of travel imagery and I traveled by plane for the first time this year.

If you have never made a vision board, now is the perfect time to do one! Here is a simple guide to creating a vision board that will work it’s magic all year long.

First, get your supplies and be creative. I used a galaxy background poster board, 5 magazines I got for $1.50 at Half Priced Books (chose them randomly, I had O, Elle, Cosmo, Texas Monthly, and Marie Claire), glue to stick it together, glittery washi tape, notebook paper, and scissors. You can be extra or just use the basics, but the key here is to make it beautiful, you will be looking at it everyday.

Next, put on some music and get to clipping. Play some music that makes you feel amazing, your absolute favorite songs, and start flipping through the magazines, you want to clip out everything that catches your eye. I did mostly words that conveyed an emotions I would like to feel, helpful life quotes, and the word magic. Go through all of the magazines, you should end up with plenty to work with in the next step.

Now, this is like a puzzle find the perfect fit, arrange your words and images on the board in a way that just feels right, leave room to put in some writing this is what the notebook paper is for, this was important because I wanted to add some intention and affirmations into the vision board. For example, where there is an image of money, I added some money affirmations and goals.

Your Vision Board is ready to be put to work, place this board in a prominent place where you will be able to see everyday, I prefer hanging up at eye level, but put it in a place that is comfortable for you. Spend a few moments putting intention into this vision board in the morning when you wake up and right before you go to sleep.

And that’s it! Pretty simple but I swear it works!

With Love,

Magically Bree


Affirmations are positive statements that are high vibrational and have been an amazing tool for manifesting and growth in my life.  

Sometimes they are sayings that are already true, but mostly they are statements of how you imagine your best life, spoken as if they are true presently.

Here is my (ever-growing) list of positive affirmations that I love to speak to my life, I say them when I first wake up in the morning, while putting on makeup, while sitting in traffic, in the shower, and right before closing my eyes at night:

I have the right to be HAPPY!
My life is exciting
I wake up in the morning with purpose and enthusiasm
I can’t help but see beauty in everything around me
I always have fun
I am confident
I know exactly what to do to achieve success
I am healthy
I feel loved by the people around me
I am wealthy
I am calm
I am free to be myself at all times
I have a brilliant mind
My bank account is growing
My thoughts are filled with positivity
I have no fear
I radiate beauty and charm
I have true friends that love me
Money is not a problem in my life
I am safe and secure
People trust my opinions and come to be for advice
I am happy
Manifesting comes easy to me
I am able to create effortlessly
I am productive
I inspire others to live positive lives
Passionate love is a thing I experience
I am successful
I have no problem communicating
I learn from my mistakes

Feel free to create your own affirmations!!