How Mercury Retrograde May Effect YOUR Zodiac Sign!

Mercury Retrograde is back again (July 7-July 31), for those of you not familiar with retrogrades, it is the illusion of a planet moving backwards in the sky, when this happens it’s energy is focused inwardly and can cause many different challenges here on Earth. Since Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, and travel, we can all expect delays and miscommunications during Mercury Rx. This go around it’s in the sign of Leo so be aware of your ego, as you may find yourself fighting for respect or saying things you will regret during this transit

Each Zodiac Sun Sign may experience their own issues during this time, you should also try to find Leo in your natal chart and see which house this transit will effect you most, for me it is the 9th house which is all about education, philosophy, culture, traveling, etc…

Aries: Health related communications, work, and general communications (phone calls, e-mails, everyday communications) Something as mundane as a trip to the grocery store can become a source of drama, be patient especially with yourself, since you will be the source of many miscommunications.

Taurus:Family communications and financial issues tend to pop up for you now. Your judgement may be a little off during the Mercury Rx, so avoid starting new projects, relationships, or financial commitments.

Gemini: Because Mercury is your planetary ruler, Mercury Rx affects your ego and self image. Be careful in all areas of communication especially with family and friends. Try to look at domestic matters from a different point of view. Also it could be beneficial to check in with an old friend.

Cancer: Seeing the whole picture can be very difficult right now and your memory isn’t the best, so avoid detailed jobs or projects that require a lot of attention. Take care when talking with co-workers and supervisors and avoid making definite career moves.

Leo: Mercury Rx usually affects your personal finances, group meetings, and issues with social circles. Take the things your friends say right now with a grain of salt.
Virgo: Mercury rules your sign so the likelihood of people misunderstanding you right now is very high. Watch your body language,as sometimes what you say and the way you act are completely different.

Libra: Mercury controls education, legal affairs, travel and past communications for your sign so expect delays in these areas. Pay close attention to your partnerships because disagreements tend to arise at this time.

Scorpio: This transit affects your friendships and groups of people for you (think clubs and memberships) Try to be very nonjudgmental right now. It’s a good time to learn new skills.

Sagittarius: Mercury rules communication with close partners and business relationships. Arguments can easily get out of hand at this time so watch how you approach people and situations.

Capricorn: Mercury Rx usually affects your job and communications there for you. Travel delays will not be uncommon. Double check all e-mails and paperwork as you may miss important details the first time. You may also have a change of heart about plans you made before the retrograde.

Aquarius: Take time to reevaluate sources of income and how you spend your resources (time, energy, money) Misunderstandings with loved ones and children may be a theme so exercise caution in family settings.

Pisces: Partners and partnerships can become a source of confusion for you right now. Avoid signing contracts or starting new business relationships. Your home life can be disrupted if you are not careful with how you spend your money.

-Magically Bree

The Four Elements & Sub-Elements

When you journey into mysticism and magic, you may also find yourself researching alchemy, which is an early form of chemistry used to transform matter.

One of the most basic studies in alchemy is the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, & Air) but I’d even go as far as saying that there are many more elements that make up the world around us such as (Ether, Light/Dark, Metal, Wood, Ice, etc). Today I want to share some information on the elements and how this information can be beneficial in your magical practice.

Water- In astrology the Water signs are, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Water is a feminine element, felt in coolness, found in the body and literally bodies of water, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc, associated with sexual fluids, social gatherings, and happiness. Some words/things related to the water element; intuition, emotion, cleansing, shape-shifting and flowing. In Tarot, the element Water is Cups, I remember this because cups literally hold water. The season associated with Water is Winter, which is a time of passive stillness.

Fire- In astrology the Fire signs are, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, it is a masculine element all about action. It can be felt in heat, seen in light, found in literal fires. Summer is Fire obviously. Herbs with a little heat to them such as cinnamon, cloves, or ginger are Fire herbs. Our physical energy is fueled by fire which is why people with a lot of fire in their natal charts tend to be more energetic and spontaneous. Keywords to remember of the fire element; light, heat, passion, energy, power, aggression, destruction, and purification. In Tarot Fire is most commonly associated with Wands, but I’ve also seen some associate it with swords because of the aggression.

Earth- In astrology the Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. It is feminine in nature, just think about ‘Mother Nature’. Earth is literally everything around us so it is the most abundant and stable of all the elements. Day to day life, plants, agriculture, employment, and money are all associated with the Earth element. Personally I’d say Earth would be spring season because of all the growth but it is Autumn, maybe because this is when the majority of crops are harvested to prepare for winter. Words to think of when it comes to Earth; growth, strength, stability, sensuality, wealth, and life. Seek earth when you need to feel more grounded, it’s as simple as walking barefoot in the grass. Pentacles are associated with money and materials and is the Earth Element in Tarot.

Air- In astrology the Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. It is active, just think about the wind, and therefore it is considered masculine. All weather and atmospheric conditions involve air, but it can also be felt and heard through vibrations, music, and communication. In Tarot it is swords or arguably wands. Our literal breath and words are of the Air element. Spring season is the time of year associate with Air, they do say “Spring is in the Air” Some other words of Air; illusions, mind, dreams, vision, and intellect.

As far as the sub-elements go I’d like to get your ideas, what are some things you would consider a ‘sub-element’? Think of things that combine two or more of the four elements, Water, Fire, Earth, Air. Comment below what you come up with!!

Magically Bree

Why I Study Astrology?

One of the first things most people know of me from following me on social networks or listening to me talk on a regular basis is that I’m really really into astrology. I love trying to guess someones Zodiac sign, tracking the moon phases, and learning astrology has been a constant in my life for at least the last three years. But what has also been constant in my life is the side eyes and questions about the legitimacy of Astrology. First off I want to make it clear that I ‘study’ astrology, I don’t ‘worship’ it and I won’t be offended or annoyed by questions (or any other questions you may have) about it! Feel free to ask here.

Just a little background information on Astrology if you didn’t know…

If you want to know anything you must first look to the sky, before clocks, before the compass, the foundation of early science and religion is Astrology, meaning this isn’t some unfounded unknown information that I just so happened to come across, Astrology is an art that has been studied by great philosophers all over the world for thousands of years, even as a tool for Kings and Rulers to predict and time wars, and other events of importance. I wouldn’t be surprised if today’s top powerful leaders of the world have knowledge of Astrology or a professional Astrologer on staff.

The type of astrology I study most is Natal which is the birth chart, I’ve even heard it referred to as the ”Map of Me” because it gives a deeper understanding of your life path, desires, emotions, and so much more. Natal charts read by professional or someone well versed in Astrology can give you so much insight on your personal patterns, so much so that they have created an app based on astrology called ’The Pattern’ check it out for Apple devices if you want to get more insight on your life and choices with daily prompts that are crazy accurate.

How astrology has helped me.

Being someone who is prone to worrying and anxiety, the world can feel too chaotic for me at times. Astrology helps bring some order into my life, giving me a chance to ”control” things. While also bringing me purpose, it’s a fun topic that I actually want to learn about there is always something new to learn because it goes DEEP.

So to the people who ask ”why I study Astrology?”

Because I can. It’s 2019 if you don’t study astrology what can you say you actually study on a regular basis without requirements of a job or school? It’s interesting with plenty of history to back it up, so why does my belief in Astrology make me any less intelligent then someone who doesn’t believe.

More on this topic, here.

Astrology Basics- Planets

This is a basic introduction into the Planets in Astrology. For those of you who may be confused about natal charts or the basic ideology of astrology, let me preface this by saying I am not an “astrologer” I am just someone who appreciates the art and science of astrology and I am learning everyday.

Firstly, I want to share what a natal chart or birth chart is and how it is helpful. A natal chart is simply a chart of where each planet was at your time of birth, so in order to pull an accurate birth chart you must no the day, time, and place of birth. There are many free resources for pulling a natal chart

Most likely you are very familiar with your Sun Sign, this is major but there are many other planets as well. There is the Moon which technically is not a planet (neither is the sun), Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, there are also some asteroids there and something called the North and South nodes but I’ll discuss those in another post.

The Sun represents your ego and your life force and ultimately how you appear in the world.

The Moon represents your inner being, unconscious behaviors and emotions.

The planet Mercury represents all things communication, it also controls how we process and relay information.

Venus rules love, pleasure, beauty and may be an indicator of what kind of partner you should have.

Mars is the God of War so this planet is control of how we fight, what we are passionate about and anger.

Jupiter is the greatest planet of all representing what we have excess of in life, it is also the ruler of religion, philosophy, money, and opportunity.

Saturn is sort of the opposite of Jupiter, it shows us our struggles, responsibilities, and where we may feel blocked.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are the furthest away, move the slowest and therefore represent generations, because they take many years to move or transit through the signs.

Uranus is the rebel, represents change and, innovation. Neptune deals with all things subconscious, dreams, illusions, imagination, and even drugs and alcohol. Pluto, the ruler of the underworld deals with all things hidden or taboo,major transformation happens in Pluto!

Now you know the planets I will soon do a post all about the different Zodiac signs.

And once you guys have pulled Natal Charts we will dive into the houses and all that fun stuff!!

With Love,
Magically Bree

It’s Taurus Season!

Taurus, the 2nd sign of the Zodiac symbolized by the bull, which represents spring time, fertility, and growth. The bull is slow to anger but once they get there, watch out!! They have both beauty and brains, and are one of the most resistant to change, which is why many people think they are stubborn.

🌸Here is where Taurus blooms🌸

Loyalty- Taurus value their relationships, if they let you in it’s because they truly care.

Patience- What bothers most people the Taurus will just laugh off, but be careful because when their patience runs out you’re gonna have to fight!

Independence- Not only can Taurus take care of themselves in many ways they are also the type of people that others can come to in a time of need.

Being beautiful- Venus the planet of love, friendship, and beauty rules Taurus, many of them are very into their looks, including fashion and makeup.

Staying grounded- Taurus is so good at being grounded they tend to attract people who may be in crisis and in need of stability. 

🌱Here is where Taurus has room to grow🌱

Laziness- Taurus is either super lazy or full of energy, no in between.

Being Materialistic- Taurus being ruled by Venus gives them very expensive taste and a good eye, working hard for these things is important as many have a passion for shopping.

Possessiveness- This is kind of an extension from being materialistic, they like to “own” things and this can include people.

Here’s some magick & intentions you should focus on during the Sun’s visit in Taurus:

✨Grounding- there are rituals for this but visualizing yourself physically rooted to the earth works well.

✨Love spells- This transit is favorable for attracting new lovers or ensuring that your current relationship is secure and your partner is loyal.

✨Money Magick- You may feel the need to go shopping and get new things during this time, so attract a new stream of income or increase your current pay flow to keep up with the urge.

✨Growth- This is a great time to grow ideas so that they become reality.

✨Self Love/Care- Never a bad time for this but Taurus season is the perfect time to pamper yourself!

Above all, enjoy and spoil yourself!!

With Love,

Magically Bree

Aries Season Intuitive Reading

This is a Astrological New Year!! A time of excitement, goals, new beginnings, competition and fun. Aries, the first Zodiac Sign, is all about that action. Aries make great leaders but can also be very impulsive and self centered. During this energetic transit we should keep our egos in check and try new things.

This reading is all about where you should focus your energy during Aries season from March 20 – April 19.

This is an Astrological New Year!! A time of excitement, goals, new beginnings, competition and fun. Aries, the first Zodiac Sign, is all about that action. Aries can make great leaders but can also be very impulsive and self centered. During this energetic transit we should keep our egos in check and try new things.

Take a moment to look at these four images, choose the one that resonates with you most.

1. Bare Tree: During this time be VERY true to yourself, sometimes you tend to hide behind a facade of who you were or who you wish to be. Be exactly who you are in this moment, that’s the person the world needs right now. Be honest about how you feel about certain things, bare it all and stand in your truth. Aries season is going to push you to being more open and confident.

2. Floating in Flowers: Honestly, during this transit you don’t need to do anything but rest and pamper yourself. You’ve been dealing with a lot of emotions lately and now is the time to let it all go. Aries season is going to make you feel very careless in the best way possible.

3. Isolated Home: Your focus during the sun in Aries transit is gonna be all about how you can upgrade your living situation, maybe you currently live with family or in a place that you have outgrown. I’m getting very strong “move far far away” signals here so this could be a warning as well. Aries season is going to make you want a new view in life, literally and metaphorically.

4. Volcano: Your biggest goal at this time should be controlling your emotions, especially your anger. You have to tendency to be really extra in how you feel about things, your opinions are over the top, you always have something to add, and this emotional roller coaster is impacting your life and relationships. During Aries season track your emotions and learn ways you can better express yourself.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know if it’s accurate by commenting and sharing!

With Love,

Magically Bree

Uranus in Taurus!!

Today Uranus enters Taurus (after a brief stay there in 2018) this time it’ll stay for 7 years.

Uranus the planet of innovation, progression, discovery, change and literal movement meets the sturdy earth sign Taurus.

Expect big changes during this transit especially in the areas of…

LOVE- Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and romance.

MONEY- I’m hoping for the best here, because I feel like Taurus is sturdy and financially responsible but it could be quite the opposite, the last time Uranus was in Taurus, we were in the Great Depression.

ARTS- Like I said Venus is the ruler of Taurus, which is all about aesthetic, I believe this will be a great time for blooming artists, like myself. Check out my art here.

Check your chart! What house is this transit for you? Hint: Find the House where Taurus is…

Mine is.. in the 6th House so that means I can expect BIG changes in my daily life, routines, and health. This will be an amazing time of growth for me, especially since this is also where my moon sign is (inner being).

With Love,
Magically Bree

Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips

Since this Mercury Retrograde is happening during Pisces season I’m gonna be meditating a lot more, and I highly recommend you do too!! Listen to my guided meditation if you find yourself having trouble,!!

Hey Magical Ones!!

I think Mercury Retrograde has gotten a bit of a bad reputation, and I’m here to give a few magical tips based on my experiences to help everyone make the best of it.

This is the first Mercury Retrograde of 2019 (March 5- March 28), let this post guide you through all of the Mercury Retrogrades (we get 3-4 every year, about 3 weeks at a time).

Mercury controls communication, travel, and technology. It has a lot of influence on how we think and share information as well. When Mercury is Retrograde it appears to be moving backwards, it’s an illusion but the effects are very real.

Here are some things you should be aware of to make this transit easier❗️:

✨ Try not to make any major decisions, especially when it comes to moving or buying technology, just wait until Mercury goes direct. You’ll avoid a headache, spending too much money, and being saddle with something you don’t like/need.

✨Before the Retrograde take care of any repairs needed for your car, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a flat during this transit.

✨ If you’re a blogger or have a website avoid making changes to your sites appearance. From experience, I’ve lost an entire blog during Retrograde before all because I wanted a new look. Also, back up your files & save important documents, just to be on the safe side.

✨ Listen, if that old fling comes back in your life at this time, you guys are not rekindling shit! You’ll thank me later because it’s not gonna end well.

✨Miscommunications are going to happen, double check all e-mails, texts, etc. because this is the best time to get caught up! Also, think before you speak, people have to remember this always but especially during Mercury Retrograde.

❤️🔮It’s not all bad though, here are the pros of Mercury Retrograde❤️🔮

✨It’s a great time to focus on self, introspection and development. Take the time to evaluate your emotional wellness and turn up your self-care routine during this transit.

✨Say affirmations and mantras that kind of communication is very powerful and will change your life especially during Mercury Retrograde.

✨Intuition is heightened during this time, if you want to be more in tune with spirit, challenge yourself by picking up Tarot or other forms of divination. I have a Facebook group dedicated to divination called ‘One of A Kind Oracles’

Side note, since this Mercury Retrograde is happening during Pisces season I’m gonna be meditating a lot more, and I highly recommend you do too!! Listen to my guided meditation if you find yourself having trouble, Magically Bree Guided Meditation

For more on Mercury Retrograde visit this blog post from High Priestess J,

With Love,

Magically Bree

Happy Pisces Season!!

Hello Pisces Season!! From 2/19 to 3/20. Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, this is fitting for Pisces, a water sign, who can get sometimes find themselves going in circles in life.

Pisces is ruled by both Neptune and Jupiter so expect an excess of emotional energy. Neptune is associated with drugs, dreams, and rock n roll. Jupiter being the biggest planet in our solar system is all about growth and abundance.

As the last season of the Zodiac wheel it is a great idea to clear out any baggage you’ve accumulated throughout the year, use the powerful water energy of Pisces to really let go and cleanse so that you can start off the Astrological year off right come Aries season!!

?Some of my predictions for Pisces season?

-Moodiness: you may experience more ups and downs emotionally during this season, try to keep a level head and don’t get too excited or too heated, depending on the situation.

-Lost in Thought: you will be thinking much deeper and exploring your imagination much easier than any other season, use this energy to manifest what your heart desires. Do not get lost in the sauce though.

-Intuition Increase: might be relying on your intuition more than logic right now.

-Feeling Artsy: explore any burst of creative energy right now!! Paint, draw, write, sing, create, and share with the world to inspire the rest of us to create something of our own.

-Don’t Take it Personal: since you will be influenced by all of this emotional watery energy you will be picking up on the emotions of others and your environment, resulting in hurt feelings or assumptions. Be vocal with your own emotions and let others do the same, but don’t become so invested in these feelings!


This could be a time of compassion and growth or it could be emotional break downs depending on your perspective. I’m excited for the creative energy and am hoping it’ll inspire me to paint more!!


For more fun with Pisces Season check out my podcast episode titled “Focus on this during Pisces season”

With Love,
Magically Bree

Mercury in Pisces 2/10-4/17

Prepare yourself to dive into your feelings!

You are likely already feeling the intensity of the Mercury in Pisces transit and your’e gonna be feeling it for a lonnng time thanks to the upcoming March Mercury Retrograde which makes this transit much longer than usual.

Mercury is the planet of thought, communication, travel and business. Mercury is largely responsible for how information gets around. Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, ruled by Neptune, very emotional, dreamy, healing and creative.

Of course Mercury in Pisces will effect some more than others, but here’s some themes of this transit:

? Expect very vivid dreams, try to write down those dreams that stick out most because there will be many messages revealed in them.

?Heightened intuition which is super exciting for those of us who perform divination, this is going to be a great time to grow your relationship with your inner voice and spirit guides. If you would like to grow your divination knowledge, join my study group: One of A Kind Oracles.

? Practice expressing yourself through some form of art, whether it’s painting, singing, poetry, anything creative! You will find it comes easier to create during this transit, use that to your benefit.

? Be gentle with yourself and others, our emotions are going to trump logic and we may lack the emotional intelligence to communicate our true feelings. Empathy is a great tool to use during this transit. If you are experiencing a little brain fog (especially during Mercury Retrograde) understand it’s not just you because we are all going to lack focus.

? Pisces are natural healers, so use this as a time to heal any negative patterns when it comes to your thoughts and the way you communicate, daily meditation will help you heal and create a new positive habit.

Since this transit is going to be a long 10 weeks, let’s talk about how to best use this energy for your element, listen to the podcast, here.

Thanks for reading! Please share!

-Magically Bree

Venus in Capricorn 2/3-3/1

Venus enters the sign of the hardworking success driven goat, Capricorn, today and will be there the entire month of February.

During this transit your relationship will be either be challenged to grow or due to Capricorns high standards you may realize that this is not the relationship for you, make or break time.

My predictions for how Venus in Capricorn energy will manifest:

❤ Since this is my natal Venus placement, I’m speaking from experience. We will be willing to put in the work it takes for any relationship (love, family, work, friends, etc) to succeed but ONLY if we see future personal benefit or gain, otherwise we will not put any effort in at all.

❤ We will have more focus on business relationships, issues with coworkers may be a theme this month.

❤ Capricorn is an Earth sign, this is going to switch many relationship dynamics from adventurous and fun (think about Venus in Sagittarius) to much more serious, leading to more commitment and lasting relationships.

❤ Personal growth is important during this transit, our self worth has the potential to take on new life but only if we build a strong foundation.

Overall I love this transit as it brings stability to our relationships (if they are worthy) and success in money matters too!

I am recording a podcast on “What Venus in Capricorn May Mean for Your Relationship Status!” so stay tuned!

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With Love,
Magically Bree

Aquarius Season and The AGE of Aquarius!!

Capricorn season has come and gone, it’s time to welcome the quirkiness and individualistic energy of Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb.19), this gives me an awesome opportunity to share a little about the ‘Water Bearer’. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, meaning they may have issues starting and finishing things, but no problem keeping momentum once things have been started, they are also open, communicative, and social.

From my experience every person born under this sign I’ve met has been totally unique personality wise, they tend to have one common trait, they know everything and everybody, or at least it appears that way. They are good with communicating and seem to detach from a lot of emotional expression.

What to expect during this transit:
During every zodiac season the energy shifts and we are affected by this to different degrees, here is what I expect.

  • Lots of networking! Meeting new people, social circles expand.
  • Aquarius is considered a humanitarian, meaning they truly care about the Earth and it’s people on a whole, you may be led to explore ways to give back to improve your community.  Fight for a worthy cause.
  • This is also a time to “do your own thing”, what makes you unique? how can you stand out in a crowd? These may be questions that are answered for you during Aquarius Season.

A word on The Age of Aquarius
Starting 11/11/11(this date varies) We entered the ‘Age of Aquarius’ and will be for the next 2000 years or so. This is a super powerful time of ascension as energies increase rapidly as we transit more deeply into the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius in the is often associated with the hippies of the 60’s and 70’s (the musical Hair featured a song about it) and now with the New Age movement. During this Aquarian Shift we are learning to be more self identifying and on the whole we will begin to innerstand our own personal power and knowledge leading to major shift in self awareness for everyone. As with everything there is light and dark surrounding this energetic shift. The good being more people seeking holistic health, self improvement, increased support of women’s rights, gay rights, and global consciousness. The bad, major increase in mental health diagnosis such as depression or anxiety, stress, more drug use and suicide. The best way to live in the Age of Aquarius is full of light, consciously choosing to vibrate higher, through daily spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, contemplation, exercise, and journaling.

Enjoy the Energy!

-Magically Bree