Sagittarius Season

Scorpio season has come to an end and now is the time to welcome Sagittarius from November 22- December 21. This post is all about what to expect this Sag Season.

Some things you should know about Sagittarius: 

– Ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is the benevolent planet of magnification and growth.
– They are a fire element meaning they are bold, energetic, and sometimes hot tempered.
– Mutable mode allows them to be flexible, innovative, and adventurous
– They are symbolized by The Archer/Centaur, they typically are sharp thinkers, blunt speakers, who love to explore and travel the world.

Positive traits of Sagittarius: 
– Generous
– Honest
– Positive Thinker
– Sincere
– Enthusiastic
– Adventurous
– Humorous

Shadow traits of Sag:
– Hotheaded
– Careless
– Aloof
– Impulsive
– Impatient
– Blunt
– Over Confident

Here are my predictions for Sagittarius season:

  • Because Scorpio is such a dark sometimes moody zodiac sign, I think that we will feel some relief during this Sag season. Sagittarius is a very positive thinker, so we will easily start to see the silver lining in every situation.
  • Mercury Retrograde is over with Dec. 6th so expect issues of impulsiveness, being brutally honest, loud, and irresponsible. Watch out for this around the family gatherings of Thanksgiving especially.
  • With the Full Moon in Gemini on Friday 11/23, drama could come to the forefront, especially with some unfavorable Mars energy coming into play. People are easily angered at this time, keep this in mind.
  • With Sagittarius probably being the most honest sign in the zodiac, don’t be surprised at the truths that will come out at this time.
  • Sag is the ruler of the ninth house. Adventure, higher learning, and philosophy may be some themes of the season, so explore or plan your next trip, learn something new, and meditate on your beliefs.
  • Boundaries may be crossed as Sagittarius energy is very bold, you may get the urge to rebel, this can be empowering and reckless.

Overall Sagittarius should be fun mixed with a little chaos. Just keep smiling and rolling with the punches and everything will be fine.

With Love,
Magically Bree

Mercury Rx for Each Zodiac Sign

Mercury Retrograde is back again (Nov 16 – Dec 6), for those of you not familiar with retrogrades, it is the illusion of a planet moving backwards in the sky, when this happens it’s energy is focused inwardly and can cause many different challenges here on Earth. Since Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, and travel, we can all expect delays and miscommunications during Mercury Rx.

Each Zodiac Sign may experience their own issues during this time…

Aries: Health related communications, work, and general communications (phone calls, e-mails, everyday communications) Something as mundane as a trip to the grocery store can become a source of drama, be patient especially with yourself, since you will be the source of many miscommunications. 

Taurus:Family communications and financial issues tend to pop up for you now. Your judgement may be a little off during the Mercury Rx, so avoid starting new projects, relationships, or financial commitments. 

Gemini: Because Mercury is your planetary ruler, Mercury Rx affects your ego and self image. Be careful in all areas of communication especially with family and friends. Try to look at domestic matters from a different point of view. Also it could be beneficial to check in with an old friend. 

Cancer: Seeing the whole picture can be very difficult right now and your memory isn’t the best, so avoid detailed jobs or projects that require a lot of attention. Take care when talking with co-workers and supervisors and avoid making definite career moves. 

Leo: Mercury Rx usually affects your personal finances, group meetings, and issues with social circles. Take the things your friends say right now with a grain of salt. 

Virgo: Mercury rules your sign so the likelihood of people misunderstanding you right now is very high. Watch your body language,as sometimes what you say and the way you act are completely different. 

Libra: Mercury controls education, legal affairs, travel and past communications for your sign so expect delays in these areas. Pay close attention to your partnerships because disagreements tend to arise at this time. 

Scorpio: This transit affects your friendships and groups of people for you (think clubs and memberships) Try to be very nonjudgmental right now. It’s a good time to learn new skills. 

Sagittarius: Mercury rules communication with close partners and business relationships. Arguments can easily get out of hand at this time so watch how you approach people and situations. 

Capricorn: Mercury Rx usually affects your job and communications there for you. Travel delays will not be uncommon. Double check all e-mails and paperwork as you may miss important details the first time. You may also have a change of heart about plans you made before the retrograde. 

Aquarius: Take time to reevaluate sources of income and how you spend your resources (time, energy, money) Misunderstandings with loved ones and children may be a theme so exercise caution in family settings.  

Pisces: Partners and partnerships can become a source of confusion for you right now. Avoid signing contracts or starting new business relationships. Your home life can be disrupted if you are not careful with how you spend your money. 

-Magically Bree