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My Crystal and Charm Casting Set

Hey guys! I have recently picked up charm/stone casting from my witchy bestie, HighpriestessJ, she is the other half of Conjure Cuties and I am so in love with how beautiful this type of divination looks and feels. Watch her YouTube video on lithomancy (crystal/stone casting), here for a better idea on how it works. I created this set using these crystals. Which came unlabeled so I tried my best to identify (if you think you know these stones they are let me […]

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Conjure Cuties – Black Witch Convention, Baltimore, MD 2018

  October 19, 2018  my friend High Priestess J and I taught a class called Conjure Cuties, it was all about elemental magick, astrology, and living with intent and purpose. It was FULL of information and we are thinking of creating an online course based on it! You will learn the ruler of each day, the intentions, glamour and fashion magick for the day, an action, every day divination and more… Stay tuned! -Magically Bree

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It’s Almost Time!! Conjure Cuties at The Black Witch Convention

Dawtas of the Moon workshop presenters Bree Hatter, MagicallyBree @magicallybree & Jolearra Tshiteya, High Priestess J, @highhpriestessj Conjure Cuties MagicallyBree is a creative energy who’s ultimate goal is entrepreneurship and travel. She’s an artist, jewelry creator, and blogger. Most importantly she is a mother, her magick is all about creating a safe, prosperous, beautiful life for her family. Follow her magical journey at High Priestess J is a self-taught divination diva, jewelry maker and curio crafter. She is a […]

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