Aries Season Intuitive Reading

This is a Astrological New Year!! A time of excitement, goals, new beginnings, competition and fun. Aries, the first Zodiac Sign, is all about that action. Aries make great leaders but can also be very impulsive and self centered. During this energetic transit we should keep our egos in check and try new things.

This reading is all about where you should focus your energy during Aries season from March 20 – April 19.

This is an Astrological New Year!! A time of excitement, goals, new beginnings, competition and fun. Aries, the first Zodiac Sign, is all about that action. Aries can make great leaders but can also be very impulsive and self centered. During this energetic transit we should keep our egos in check and try new things.

Take a moment to look at these four images, choose the one that resonates with you most.

1. Bare Tree: During this time be VERY true to yourself, sometimes you tend to hide behind a facade of who you were or who you wish to be. Be exactly who you are in this moment, that’s the person the world needs right now. Be honest about how you feel about certain things, bare it all and stand in your truth. Aries season is going to push you to being more open and confident.

2. Floating in Flowers: Honestly, during this transit you don’t need to do anything but rest and pamper yourself. You’ve been dealing with a lot of emotions lately and now is the time to let it all go. Aries season is going to make you feel very careless in the best way possible.

3. Isolated Home: Your focus during the sun in Aries transit is gonna be all about how you can upgrade your living situation, maybe you currently live with family or in a place that you have outgrown. I’m getting very strong “move far far away” signals here so this could be a warning as well. Aries season is going to make you want a new view in life, literally and metaphorically.

4. Volcano: Your biggest goal at this time should be controlling your emotions, especially your anger. You have to tendency to be really extra in how you feel about things, your opinions are over the top, you always have something to add, and this emotional roller coaster is impacting your life and relationships. During Aries season track your emotions and learn ways you can better express yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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‘New Year Resolutions’ For Every Zodiac Sign 2019

I used my divinations (dice alongside Vintage Oracle Deck, Gypsy Witch Deck, and Loteria Deck) to create the best resolutions for each and every zodiac sign! I would love to know your sign and what your personal New Year Resolution is, Comment below!

I know there are a lot of people who don’t believe in the whole “New Year Resolution” thing, I hear people say everyday that they never follow these. If you read my post on ‘How to Win Capricorn Season‘ you know that this an important practice and something you should take serious!!

I used my divinations (dice alongside Vintage Oracle Deck, Gypsy Witch Deck, and Loteria Deck) to create the best resolutions for each and every zodiac sign!

Starting with the cardinal fire, the Aries, your resolution is all about finally starting the work it takes to bring your business idea to life, if you plan on being a self-made millionaire someday this is the year to start doing the basics and building a foundation.

Taurus is next as a fixed earth sign, your New Year Resolution should be about your transparency in relationships (romantic, platonic, professional, family), meaning you will be working on speaking your mind more in 2019. Don’t hold your tongue, let your wishes/wants/needs be known.

Gemini’s as the mutable air sign of the Zodiac, you guys need to clean up any messes made in 2018, especially when it comes to legal matters or debts, this is your focus going into this New Year. Once you are in the clear, you should focus on doing more things that make you happy and traveling.

Then comes our cardinal water sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, your 2019 resolution is to be reminded of your worth especially in relationships, if you are doing more for the relationship (carrying more of the responsibility) then your partner you may want to reconsider the whole relationship.

Leo is next as a fixed fire sign, ruled by the Sun, your resolution should be this upcoming year to learn the lessons of 2018, if you don’t know what your lesson was I wrote this post about it. Focus on yourself to avoid feeling stuck in 2019.

Next is Virgo, ruled by mercury, and a mutable earth sign, the best resolution in 2019 is to be present and enjoy the blessings you have already, stop competing and avoid reckless behavior or you could lose it all.

Then we have Libra as a the cardinal air zodiac represented by the scales, your New Year Resolution will lead you to the path of more money, but you will have to let go of the past and things no longer working for you. New Year, New Job?

And then my fave the Scorpio, which I like to call Ice because it is a fixed water sign, our resolution is very Scorpio, which is simply to set fire (figuratively or literally) to those things of the past that make us uncomfortable, and continue to have fun and live our best lives.

Then it is Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, a mutable fire sign, your 2019 New Years Resolution is to commit to a major change such as marriage, going back to school, or any thing that leads to self-improvement.

Next is Capricorn, who’s season we celebrate now, a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn this year is all about enjoying yourself, your New Year Resolution should definitely be travelling to exotic places, and letting go of the struggles of the past.

Aquarius as a fixed air comes next in the Zodiac, I can’t say I have a resolution for the water bearers but just some good advice for you guys, avoid biting off more than you can chew, you have been going through many life changes and are hoping for some calm. I think meditation would be a great place to start in 2019.

And last but not least the mutable water sign of Pisces, you are a very intuitive sign but you willfully ignore things. See things for what they really are this year and be very intentional in your choices. Your New Year Resolution should be to always go with your gut this year it’ll lead you where you want to be.

So what do you think? I would love to know your sign and what your personal New Year Resolution is, Comment below!

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Did You Learn The Lesson of 2018!??

This is the written version of my Podcast episode titled ‘Did You Learn Your Lesson in 2018?’ on Anchor.Fm/MagicallyBree

With the year 2018 almost coming to an end, I am writing this post based off of the divination podcast I did for every zodiac sign all about the lessons we should’ve been learning. Listen to it, here!

I used my dice, moonology deck, and loteria deck for these readings, if you want to know more about shaking up those boring tarot readings join One Of A Kind Oracles, where I mentor about out of the box divination practices and teach new exciting ways to divine. The questions asked are “What is the overall lesson of 2018”, “How did the lesson manifest/What happened to teach the lesson”, “How to pass the test”, and “What comes after the lesson is learned”.

Aries-(Cardinal/Fire)- Your lesson Aries is all about your blockages. Your depression and heavy emotions were the ways the lesson was manifesting and taught to you. To pass the test avoid running from your problems and speak honestly about your issues. Once you’ve learned the lesson you will be embolden with the energy necessary to make those first moves, you will be filled with the cardinal fire energy you naturally possess.

Taurus-(Fixed/Earth)- For Taurus your lesson is deciding which path is best for you. 2018 had many experiences of you feeling out of control, seeing what you want yet not understanding how to reach it. To get through this lesson you must follow the path that feels the best, follow your emotions, especially following the joys in life. Once you have passed the test you will have to explain it those around you, be confident in the path you have chosen.

Gemini-(Mutable/Air)- The lesson this year was all about why your relationships are unhealthy. Your thoughts were your teacher this year, times of obsessive thoughts and also those times of avoidance. To get through this lesson you you need to seek guidance. Once the lesson is learned you will achieve harmony in your spiritual, mental, physical and material worlds.

Cancer-(Cardinal/Water)- Cancer your lesson is similar to Gemini, think about your relationships this year this is where the lesson lies. Your thoughts and emotions revolve around your family and that is what is teaching you. To pass the test of 2018 you need to realize that some people are limited in their growth, once you have realized that you will have some very prosperous days ahead.

Leo-(Fixed/Fire)- In 2018 your lessons revolved around new beginnings and where to start. You were taught through experiences of facing reality and being comforted by truth of situations. The test can be passed by healthy detachment from family, learn to create boundaries and understand that you cannot be there for everyone. For the Leo passing the test comes with no reward it’s just something that needs to be done.

Virgo-(Mutable/Earth)- Your lesson Virgo is all about compatibility. Any experiences dealing with women or a particular woman (if you are a woman it could be you), were lesson plans for you. To pass the test recognize danger and quickly remove yourself from the situation, without harming anyone. Moving forward you will feel relief because the end of a tough cycle approaches.

Libra-(Cardinal/Air)- Your lesson is also about compatibility this year. Your lesson manifested as experiences with a mentor, guide, supervisor, or anyone who has control over your path. To get past this lesson, understand that you have choices, make a choice and stick to it. Expect more energy to take actions on your own without a guide.

Scorpio-(Fixed/Water)- The lesson in 2018 for the Scorpios is all about new beginnings and starting new things. We were being taught through the lens of others, the perspective of others is that we have everything together. To pass the test we must be very intentional of walking the walk. Scorpios once you have learned the lessons, expect great changes in your life.

Sagittarius-(Mutable/Fire)- In 2018 the lesson for you is all about compatibility. Any experience where you felt anger and out of control was your teacher this year. The lesson is learned when you are able to let people be themselves and grow at their own pace. Up next for Sag is a new life, new beginnings, and new lessons.

Capricorn-(Cardinal/Earth)- Your lessons this year are about relationships, especially those difficult ones. It manifested in feelings of being trapped by the things out of your control. Reflecting on your own self growth and improvement is how you will prove the lesson is learned. Keep that same energy throughout 2019, Capricorn.

Aquarius-(Fixed/Air)- 2018 wanted you to be teach you of the longevity of your situations and it showed up in situations in groups where you felt the need to keep information to yourself. Your input is needed Aquarius, once you realize your influence is important you have passed the test. Remember things are not set in stone and things are bound to change for you guys!

Pisces-(Mutable/Water)-The lesson for Pisces this year was “why am I stuck?”. Situations where you felt the need to protect and care for others is what was teaching you. If you are aware of and facing your fears, congratulations because you have learned the lesson 2018 wanted to teach you. Prepare yourself for major transformation moving forward.

Thanks for following this blog and listening to my podcast as well! Comment below if you find this post helpful!

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Beginners Guide to Divination!

If this is your first time on welcome!! Get comfortable I have a lot to share. If you are familiar or a friend of Magically Bree you already know one of the cornerstones of this blog is DIVINATION, but what does that mean!

Today I’m providing a crash course on divination to hopefully encourage more people to being open to trying different forms of divination. If you are serious about learning, I can help you in my Online Study Group: One Of A Kind Oracles on Facebook.

So what is the definition of divination: the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural tools/means or the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic, standardized process or ritual.

Some examples of supernatural tools: cards (tarot, oracles), dice, charms/crystals, pendulum, runes, etc.

Some examples of divination means: Apantomancy. Biblomancy, Cartomancy, Astrology, Oracle, Palmistry, Dowsing, etc.

FAQ about Divination:

Is it evil? My answer, No. But in the bible divination is looked at as a sin, because no one is supposed to foresee the future, but God. There should be a level of understanding of the spirit realm, and protection is important for any and everything even divination. Also trusting your spiritual workers and readers is super important, not necessarily because they may be evil but this is a sensitive business that is completely faith based which some try to take advantage of.

How does it work? Divination works in different ways depending on how you are practicing and the subject of the reading. When it comes to astrology, there are established meaning to the patterns of the stars, it’s just a matter of understand the many combinations. In a past life reading for example it’s best to access Akashic Records, which is like a source of information for all mankind, also known as the ‘collective consciousness’ it’s important to realize we (and all situations) all are connected. Some diviners are able to actually see the future through precognition, but I believe the information I divine on the future is just one of many possibilities based on the persons freewill and choices. Mainly how I believe divination works is through building a relationship with spirit guides who can help guide you, so doing divination is less about the person performing it but the spirit guides who care to share more about the past, present, or future, because they are omnipresent in all realms and situations.

Can everyone read? I believe everyone can, with knowledge and practice. Should everyone read for others, personally I don’t believe everyone should try to divine for others some people should practice divination for themselves only. In order to read you must be able to shift your consciousness, steady your mind so you can hear, and have a wide understanding of symbolism. It is not just simply pulling a card out of a deck, and reading the definition from a book.

What is the difference between a tarot deck and an oracle deck? Tarot decks are oracles, not all oracles are tarot. Tarot follows a specific structure. Oracles follow the symbols put in place by the creator. Oracles do not conform to any particular structure or tradition.

What is the difference between divination and fortune-telling? Fortune-telling suggests that the future is set in stone and we have little control over the outcomes. Divination gives us options, ideas and power in manifesting our own goals and desires.

Do you have to be a psychic to work with divination? Not necessarily psychic but strong trust in your intuition helps in interpreting oracles. Oracles themselves help us develop our own psychic ability. But whether or not you consider yourself “psychic” you can enjoy and benefit from divination.

I want a reading but I’m scared? Ask yourself what you’re afraid of… is it the possibilty of someone foretelling doom and death? This is not likely, besides that we are all gonna die. Or are you afraid someone could reveal something that you would rather keep secret? that’s the reason we all need shadow work, never fear those parts of your psyche. Most likely you’re afraid of being told the things that you already know and being forced to face it, because in my experience this is what most of my readings are like. 

Try my one question reading today for 11.11, here. 

I really hope you guys find this post helpful!!

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Venus in Scorpio What to Expect for your Relationship Status

Venus entered the sultry, mysterious, sometimes over sexualized sign of Scorpio on Dec. 2 and will remain until Jan. 7.

Venus rules relationships, friendships, love, beauty, aesthetics, money, and even the social scene. Scorpio is characterized as passionate, addictive and unrelenting. Put these two together and your sure to get intense love scenarios, skeletons coming out of the closet, and relationships get the reality check they need.

Scorpio is very transformative so expect some changes in your love life this transit. Your sex life will probably be more intense than ever when Venus is in Scorpio, so be free to explore your sexuality but be safe. Be careful of moving too fast, too deep, too soon within your relationships, although this is a time of allowing yourself to feel those deep emotions, try not to let them spill over, as it could make things feel a little too serious, try having fun during this transit to make up for all this heavy energy.

Here is what I divine will happen during this transit for these relationship statuses:

Happily Single- This is for those who are truly living their best life, single. Not looking for a relationship, wouldn’t mind staying single for the next year or so. I see you guys joining some creative collective, like a choir, dance group, art house, anything creative that will give you the social experience and fulfillment that you need. The transformation that takes place for you is a good friend, either you are taught how to be a good friend or you find a genuine friend who makes your life better. Something may happen during this time that makes you realize how protected you are, be sure you are doing protective magick periodically to help ensure this for you and your family.

Single Ready to Mingle- This is for those who feel they have been single for too long and really want someone they can call their own, after all it is “cuffing season” I think that this group is probably the largest right now. Let me start by saying I feel very impatient or urgent energy here. You guys are like watching the clock go by wondering when is the time, and I believe the time is now. Don’t wait, don’t pass up any oppourtunity to get out and take action, it’s the holiday season, lots of parties, reasons to dress up, make some moves so you can meet future bae. Explore the options with those already around you, meaning your prospective loves are people you may have met already especially surrounding how you make money. Find balance by making sure your home is well taken care of and full of good energy. The New Moon Eclipse showed up so expect an amazing change to come from Venus in Scorpio.

Situationships- Not quite single, not quite off the market, you’re talking and maybe dating but still not taken. This can be quite shaky grounds to walk on because you never really know what the future holds, but you are hopeful. Many of your relationships ended in deceit and now you carry a huge fear of liars, and your inner detective is dying to get out and get to the bottom of everything. You will be very lucky at this time, and this will help you weed out the lames and get straight to the pot of gold. The New Moon in Sagittarius will be a very powerful time to seal the deal, separate yourself and do the inner work if you want the outer results!

Real Relationships- You guys have established you want to be together and have been probably together for a while and want to keep it that way. The best way to stay in harmony with one another is by being cautious and not overindulging, sometimes in the midst of loving someone else we accidentally start forgetting ourselves. You guys are probably have a few battles between each other at this time, nothing to major if you watch your words, Scorpions sting but your words shouldn’t during Venus in Scorpio. You got the New Moon in Scorpio so use the courageous energy of Scorpio to dead your fears about love for good.

Married- They actually put a ring on it and that is the goal right, you guys want to be in harmony during this transit and can achieve this by having as much sex as possible, sounds a lil vulgar but I got a juicy pear from the loteria deck and all I could hear was sex, take control and enjoy all this sexy energy from the universe. Explore how to best honor you commitment, be reminded of all the reasons why you married this person and how you can help make their lives better. Experiment with new forms of communication, like leaving sexy voice mails or letters, you could even record a short video to send to them to help communicate your love.

I hope you find this helpful to help navigate this intense Venus in Scorpio energy.

Go listen to my podcast for more on this post as well as other divination readings.

My readings are as follows… 11.11 per question/ I always intend to answer the question from as many angles as possible. 33.33 reading and magick suggestion/ I create a spell for you to perform. 55.55 in depth reading / I create the spell and perform it for you.

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My Crystal and Charm Casting Set

Hey guys! I have recently picked up charm/stone casting from my witchy bestie, HighpriestessJ, she is the other half of Conjure Cuties and I am so in love with how beautiful this type of divination looks and feels. Watch her YouTube video on lithomancy (crystal/stone casting), here for a better idea on how it works.

I created this set using these crystals. Which came unlabeled so I tried my best to identify (if you think you know these stones they are let me know) and two charms that I already had.

Here are the meanings behind the charms and stones in my casting set:

Key– New Opportunities, Beginnings and Endings, Freedom, Restriction (Saturn, Capricorn)

Feather– freedom, travel, change (Uranus, Aquarius)

Rose Quartz– Love, friendship, relationships, healing (Venus, Taurus and Libra)

Amethyst– Creativity, Happiness, Intuition, Spirituality (Neptune, Pisces)

Citrine– Money, Joy, Greed (Sun) 

Tigers Eye– independence, protection, solitude (Pluto, Scorpio)

Lapis Luzuli– Communication, wisdom, growth (Mercury, Gemini and Virgo)

Moss Agate-prosperity, improvement (Jupiter, Sagittarius)

Carnelian– Action, Plans, Initiation (Mars, Aries)

Sunstone– power, self-confidence, sex (Sun, Leo)

Turquoise– clairvoyance, protection, Communication (Moon, Cancer)

Aventurine– prosperity, luck, wealth (Earth) 

If you are interested in divination and would love to learn more about it join the divination study group, One Of A Kind Oracles!

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Beginners Guide to Pendulums

Hey Magical Ones, I want to talk about PENDULUMS today!

A pendulum is a weight, such as a crystal, attached to a string and generally are used to give yes or no predictions to questions. A pendulum is not inherently magick in nature because it is actually moved by your subconscious mind and not the pendulum itself. You can find them in occult shops, crystal shops, online (like, here) or make your own by attaching a weight (crystal, charm, whatever) to a chain or string.  

Working with the Pendulum:

To receive divination from the pendulum you must first understand how your pendulum speaks this is called “programming” what movement is yes and what movement is no. I do this by holding the pendulum in one hand as still as possible (it helps to steady your elbow on a table or other surface), I say, “Show me a Yes” and I wait for the movement whether it be back in forth or clockwise or whatever the case may be. Then I try it again looking for a no.

Another technique to find out how your pendulum speaks, hold it over something, like a dollar for instance, and ask “Is this a dollar?” it will give you a truthful answer. Now ask “Is this a $100 bill?” and the movement should change.

I also like to differenciate between a strong and weak yes/no answer sometimes too, or ask to see a “maybe”.

So, you know what is yes and what is no, and you want to start asking your pendulums for guidance. First of all do not force your pendulum to answer by deliberately moving it in a certain direction (kinda defeats the purpose), you should start with a clear mind and try not to be too attached to the answer you want.

Make sure you are asking questions that can be answered by a yes or no answer. For example instead of asking, “How does she feel about me?” ask “Does she miss me?”.

If you are asking more than one question, clear the pendulum by allowing it to fall still between each one.

There are many uses beyond asking just yes or no questions. You can use a pendulum with a divination board/chart, to find lost items, and even to find out what chakras are imbalanced.

In my divination study group ‘One of a Kind Oracles’ we will eventually do a pendulum unit where we will learn more about using this amazing tool.

Thanks for reading! And also if you want to get FULL access to my online collection of notes on astrologymagick, and divination, support my blog on patreon, here!

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Happy Samhain

Today marks the first day of the traditionally Pagan festival of Samhain, from the evening of Oct. 31 through Nov. 6, celebrating the end of harvest and preparing for the cold season.

Samhain is associated with death, so honoring the ancestors is an excellent way to celebrate. Spend some time with your ancestors, create an altar for them, make offerings and ask for their strength and blessings.

Other things you can do in celebration:

Decorate your home with seasonal symbols, like pumpkins, acorns, apples, dried leaves, as well as fall/winter colors, oranges, browns, deep reds and purples, white for winter.

Prepare a family feast, set the table using the symbolism above. Invite your ancestors to dine with you by saving food for them or setting a place for them at the table.

Set a bonfire, as Samhain is also known as a fire festival, the fire can represent energy, renewal, cleansing, warmth or whatever fire means to you.

If you are unable to create a bonfire, channel fire energy through candle magic, and take it a step forward by using the candle as a divination tool during and after the ritual, by reading the flame and candle wax.

Give thanks, everyday is a good day to be grateful but right now is espeically good to reflect and express gratitude, for all the blessings we have had throughout the warm months and what we have to get us through the cold months.

These are just some suggestions, be sure to add your own cultural adaptations and include things that are unique to you!

Happy Samhain!!

-Magically Bree

Divination Types I Want To Try…

Apantomancy: divination through objects or beings encountered in a “chance meeting”. I am a firm believer that every thing happens for a reason so I find this type of divination very interesting.

Astrology: divination by the positions of the planets, stars, moon and sun. I’m a beginner when it comes to this but I am learning more about astrology.

Carromancy: divination by observing melting wax, something I will get into when I start doing more Candle Magic.

Feng Shui: This is an very interesting subject that I read about often, I try to apply some of the concepts in my apartment and I swear it definitely helps.

Graphology: This is divination through examining and interpreting handwriting. This is something that I kind of do with myself, I have many different handwriting styles and it would be interesting to see what that might mean.

Hydromancy: Hydro is water and I’m a Scorpio (water sign) so of course “reading” bodies of water seems very appealing but more for meditation then divination.

Lithomancy: This is having to do with crystals, which I love. This could include looking at how the light bounces off of them or making crystal grids and feeling the energy from all the different stones. With stones that are similar in size and shape they can be cast from a bag and read in accordance of which stones fall where.

Oenomancy: I don’t know how real this one is yet but I will definitely trying it when I get some down time, it’s divination through wine. Say no more.

Oneiromancy: I remember being young and my dad told me he could interpret dreams, it was such a small statement that made a big impact, that’s what oneiromancy is, the interpretation of dreams. I wish I could do this but struggle with remembering what I dreamt about.

Oracle: This is contact with Gods or Spirits. Oracle card readings are like tarot readings where you pick from a deck and read according to the images of the cards and in what order they were chosen.

Palmistry: I have already started practicing this one, reading palms. Starting with my own hands I’ve noticed some patterns that are also in my natal astrology chart.

Scrying: There are different versions of scrying but basically it’s the act of gazing into something and maybe getting some energy, feeling or vision from it. For instance, the crystal ball, you always see “gypsy” images with a crystal ball this is a type of scrying divination. I do this with incense smoke, I will look at it and watch how it moves and pick up different feelings and vibrations from it.

Selenomancy: This is something I’ve been doing for about 5 years now, moon gazing, it’s divination based on the shape and phase of the moon. I am always looking at and for the moon, I can pretty much always tell you what phase she is in and I have a handy widget here that tells you what zodiac sign she is in and what that might mean for you.

-Magically Bree