Purposeful Daydreaming

This is a meditation technique from The Conquer Kit and it is a very helpful practice for getting in alignment with your soul purpose and manifesting your best life.  This is really helpful, because you don’t necessarily have to be “good” at meditating, just think of this as daydreaming exercise.  Sit comfortably, take some deep breaths, and relax.  Now imagine your life 12 months from now… Envision where you will be. Feel the emotions that you want to feel.  Visualize your home. Who are your relationships […]

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Meditation Mini

✨Meditation Mini✨ Take a short break to attract good into your life. Look at this GIF & visualize the rocks as abundance, peace, clarity (whatever else you need from life) and imagine the water flow bringing all those good things right into your life. -Magically Bree

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