Be Intentional!!

The basis of my magical practice is, EVERY THING, EVERY DAY, EVERY EXPERIENCE should be done with the intent to make me better and life easier. It’s taken me awhile to begin living this way, but now that I’ve learned how important it is, it’s how I’m thriving. ✨ I sometimes share magic spells and rituals that I do but truth is everything is a ritual whether you realize it or not. Even when you’re just going through the motions […]

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Embrace Change

Being willing to change is something that I have grown more comfortable with over the years. I’ve had to change my thoughts, from negative to positive, which caused my beliefs to change, from not having a clue to believing I can use spirit to create a beautiful magical life. I know sometimes change isn’t easy, sometimes we lose people (death, breakups), sometimes we have to move and start fresh, sometimes change feels really uncomfortable, because we become so used to […]

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