Full Moon in Aries Ritual

Today (10/13) is a Full Moon in Aries. With Aries being a fire sign and full moons all about release I thought it would be perfect to do a “Let it Go” fire ritual tonight.
Here is the ritual:

First relax, you want to be as comfortable as you can be with no disruptions.
Let the introspection being, think about your life and all it’s ups and downs, think about what hinders you, and specifically what you no longer need in your life, be it negative people, habits, thoughts, whatever holds you back.
Get a piece of paper and write this intention (or something similar) “These are the things that I release…”
Under the intention start listing everything you want to let go off, don’t leave anything out, and as you write it down visualize yourself getting lighter or closer to freedom or anything that can symbolize you without the things you list.
Write an intention of gratitude “everything is released never to return in the best interest of all involved”
Now you want to burn this paper, carefully, if you want to incorporate candle magick into this ritual you can do that as well.
And that’s it!

Hopefully this ritual reaches those who need it.

-Magically Bree

Happy Spring Equinox!!

This is a very special time of year celebrated at the start of Aries season . On this day also known as Ostara, the earth and the sun are positioned so that both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres have equal sunlight, this is symbolic of balance. This is also a time of new beginnings as the flowers bloom and new life emerges.

Many pagan religions celebrate Ostara as the time when the Earth (the Goddess) and the Sun (the God) reunite in perfect harmony. A lot of the spring equinox symbols/correspondences I’m going to share are also popular for the Christian holiday Easter, so it’s interesting to see different holidays and their origin from earlier religions and ancient rituals.

🌸Spring Symbols🌸 Things to decorate your home/altar with:

✨Bright colors

✨Pastel candles (fire element)

✨Green cloth (earth element)


✨Seeds (represent growth)

✨Spring Water (water element)

✨Flowery Incense, Jasmine/Lavender etc. (air element)

✨Butterfly (represent transformation)

✨Rabbit (represents fertility)

✨Eggs (represents life)

🌸Rituals & Activites🌸 Things to do in celebration:

✨ Eat outside, good foods to consider: eggs, lamb, chicken, fruits, candy, rose wine.

✨Buy (or make) a bright new outfit.

✨Magic to encourage fertility, prosperity, growth and/or energy.


✨Sun bathing

✨Visualize growth in your life

✨Balance rituals

✨Make new relationships

✨Paint eggs with dye and symbols

✨Spring cleaning

✨Planting seeds (literally and figuratively)

✨Work with herbs

This is a beautiful time of year! Make the best of it with my help, I’ve decided to create a focused ‘magical menu’ for Spring! If you are interested in any of these focuses or need to know more about what I offer contact me HERE. 

With Love,

Magically Bree

Make A Vision Board That Actually Works!

I’d love to see your vision boards!! Comment on this post and share them with me! 

Happy New Year!!

One of my favorite rituals for celebrating the New Year is creating a vision board, I’ve done this for the past three years and every year I get a little better. Many of the things that manifested for me in 2018 were things I put on my vision board, for example I put a lot of travel imagery and I traveled by plane for the first time this year.

If you have never made a vision board, now is the perfect time to do one! Here is a simple guide to creating a vision board that will work it’s magic all year long.

First, get your supplies and be creative. I used a galaxy background poster board, 5 magazines I got for $1.50 at Half Priced Books (chose them randomly, I had O, Elle, Cosmo, Texas Monthly, and Marie Claire), glue to stick it together, glittery washi tape, notebook paper, and scissors. You can be extra or just use the basics, but the key here is to make it beautiful, you will be looking at it everyday.

Next, put on some music and get to clipping. Play some music that makes you feel amazing, your absolute favorite songs, and start flipping through the magazines, you want to clip out everything that catches your eye. I did mostly words that conveyed an emotions I would like to feel, helpful life quotes, and the word magic. Go through all of the magazines, you should end up with plenty to work with in the next step.

Now, this is like a puzzle find the perfect fit, arrange your words and images on the board in a way that just feels right, leave room to put in some writing this is what the notebook paper is for, this was important because I wanted to add some intention and affirmations into the vision board. For example, where there is an image of money, I added some money affirmations and goals.

Your Vision Board is ready to be put to work, place this board in a prominent place where you will be able to see everyday, I prefer hanging up at eye level, but put it in a place that is comfortable for you. Spend a few moments putting intention into this vision board in the morning when you wake up and right before you go to sleep.

And that’s it! Pretty simple but I swear it works!

With Love,

Magically Bree

Rituals To Bring In The New Year!!

Say good riddance to 2018 and hello to 2019 in a Magickal fashion this year with these rituals…

✨ First and foremost, be GRATEFUL! You made it through another year. Either write down all the blessings and lessons, say them out loud, or just meditate on all the highs, successes, and moments of joy of the year!

✨ For those other moments this year, the lows, the failures, the moments of despair of 2018, we are going to RELEASE. Write down all those situations/people/habits etc. that you don’t want in 2019. You can burn this list or bury it at a crossroad.

 For attracting money, I have a couple different simple rituals…

  • Make sure that every wallet/purse/coin holder in the house has at least one coin in it.
  • Place a leafy green like a collard or mustard green in your wallet to prevent you from going broke in 2019.
  • Burn some money, if you have your ancestor money (Joss Money) burn that.
  • Wash your hands with money on New Year’s Day, you’ll have money all year long.

?This one I learned from a Chinese lady at work. She grew up putting a plate of four oranges and money in every room of the house to be financial wealthy for the year to come. The plates would be arranged with three oranges forming a triangle, a red envelope with money in it placed in the space between the oranges and an orange on top to close the space.

✨Honor your ancestors by lighting a white candle and sharing a meal, especially black eyed peas, greens, pork and cornbread because this is traditionally what was eaten on New Years to attract good luck.

✨ Set intention for the New Year by creating a vision board of your desires, goals, and plans for 2018. I use magazine clippings but the more creative the better. Make it so beautiful and inspiring that you want to admire it every single day!

✨ Cleanse yourself and your home with a spiritual bath. Look up recipes or create your own, personally I love to use hyssop, lavender, and rosemary with salt. You can use the same mixture for the floors, walls, and windows as you use for you body. Declutter and give away/throw out all of the things you don’t use or need to make your entrance into the New Year lighter. You should also smudge the home with sage, Palo santo, cedar wood, or whatever you choose to clear the energy in your home.

-Magically Bree

How To Set Up A Winter Solstice Altar

The Winter Solstice is fast approaching, December 21st, this is the shortest day and darkest night of the year and the Wiccan celebration, Yule!

Although I am not Wiccan I love celebrating the changes in the seasons, and altars are a magickal and fun way to celebrate.

❄️Set up a Yule/Winter Solstice Altar with these symbols❄️
Colors: Red, White, Green, Gold, Silver
Seasonal Items: Leaves/Branches/Bark of Holly, Pines, Fir, Juniper, Cedar or Birch. Mistletoe.
Fake Snow, Snowflakes.
Symbols of the Sun ?

You can also…
❄️Ring Bells, drives the dark spirits away.
❄️Burn Candles to symbolize warmth in the Winter.
❄️ Drink Peppermint Tea, the coolness of peppermint represents the cold and the warmth of the tea represents the sun.
❄️Decorate an Evergreen, evergreens remain vibrant year round even through the winter, this represents power over death.
❄️Hang Mistletoe, this plant represents fertility and abundance.

❄️Make your home smell like Yule❄️
2 drops cinnamon
2 drops clove
2 drops pine
2 drops frankincense
2 drops myrrh
If you want access to pure essential oils at wholesale prices contact me mydoterra.com/magicallybree!

Don’t forget to meditate, Winter is the time for reflection, gratitude, and prayer.
Above all have fun, enjoy your family, and get ready for 2019!

-Magically Bree

Be Intentional!!

The basis of my magical practice is, EVERY THING, EVERY DAY, EVERY EXPERIENCE should be done with the intent to make me better and life easier. It’s taken me awhile to begin living this way, but now that I’ve learned how important it is, it’s how I’m thriving. ✨

I sometimes share magic spells and rituals that I do but truth is everything is a ritual whether you realize it or not. Even when you’re just going through the motions of day to day life you are setting intentions through your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

I guess this is my experience with the law of attraction. Except I’ve taken it to the next level by incorporating symbolism, astrology, lots of reading, love and practice.

Ways you can be intentional everyday:
✨Wake up to positivity, say affirmations, smile in the mirror, name things your grateful for.

✨Practice lots of self love, pamper yourself, believe in yourself.

✨Move your body, through walking, dancing, yoga, or any other exercise program you enjoy.

✨Keep a planner, journal, diary…whatever suits your personality. Write in it everyday!

✨Teach people in the most genuine way you can, not from a place of wanting to be right or forcing people to see things from your perspective.

✨Protect yourself, say prayers, carry protective stones, set the intention of safety and security.

✨Honor your ancestors, without them you would never be, remember them daily.

✨Eat to heal, not to kill.

✨Have fun!!! Laugh, play games, make friends.

✨Go to bed proud of yourself even if you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted, trust that you did your best, and you will do even better tomorrow.

I love y’all fr.

-Magically Bree

How to Manifest More Money, Tips from Magically Bree

Who wants to easily attract money and money-making opportunities? I know I do. This post is all about tips and tricks as well as correspondences for financial gain.

First lets focus on what not to do, these are the mistakes you are making that could be blocking the flow of money:

Clutter: yes, mess can have an unfavorable effect on your money. It is very important to keep your environment neat and tidy, Pests will literally eat away at your money, and having loose change lying around shows that you don’t value your money.

Holding on to receipts: these are reminders of money going OUT, and money will continue to go out if you carry a bunch of receipts with you. If you must keep them organize them in a place that is not your wallet. Also, credit cards are reminders of borrowing money, keep them to a minimum.

Poor Money Mindset: whether you have been taught through your past experiences that you don’t deserve money, or you feel like money goes more than it comes, or even that money is the root of all evil, you need to try to work with your shadow side to change your negative perception of money. These thoughts are definitely money blockers.

Ignoring the Opportunities: if you are blind to all the different ways you can make money in this day in age, you may be stuck in the 9-5 mind frame, traditional jobs are not the only way to gain financial stability. Explore 5 different ways you can make Multiple Streams of Income today, I currently have 4 ways that actually bring money to me but my goal is to have over 10 streams of income.

You don’t know how to Budget: every month you should sit down and write all of your necessary expenses (rent, gas, groceries, etc.) and think of ways to cut down on all the extras (like limiting fast food, choosing netflix over the theater, or splitting wine cost with a friend). It’s not fun, but it is important and it helps you get real about your money and your needs.

Now that you know what NOT to do you can focus on what to do to start attracting more funds in your life:

-Get to know the planets, Mercury, JUPITER, and Venus.

Mercury  (Wednesday) rules communication, commerce, and travel which are important aspects to understand when attracting money in this very global marketing time we live in, use Mercury energy to communicate what you have to offer to potential customers around the world through social networks.

Jupiter (Thursday) is the best tool for money magick, he is the benevolent giver of the universe only concerned with abundance and expansion. Just ask for what you want here with passion, and allow Jupiter to pull the strings to get you to the next level in life. This planet is associated with freedom and mastery, freedom from working for others, mastery of the skills you need to create your own opportunities.

Venus (Friday) is best known for love and beauty, but also art and luxury. This is the planet that will make you look like a million dollars and help you attract it as well. Use the charms of Venus to seal the deal at an interview or business meeting. She can help you be more attractive and therefore more persuasive.

-Get in a Giving Mood

It is the holidays and you may see more people giving from their hearts, but to attract money easily you must always be in the giving mood. Charge some money (Start with 10 $1 bills) with the intent of great return, you can do this by drawing a sigil on them or chanting over them something along the lines of…This money will return to me a hundred-fold! Now take all of the money and give to the poor and homeless in your city, do not spend the money any other way. Now watch the money come back in many different ways, and repeat the whole thing over even increasing the money that you are giving to the needy.

-Money Rituals

Create some different rituals to perform, such as a money attracting floor wash for your home or business, a money drawing mojo bag that you wear to business meetings, a candle spell, or any other rituals you can think of. Be specific with how much you need, or at least specify what you will be using the money for to give the universe some direction. I cant tell you how many time I attracted random checks in the mail for $4 or less, that’s what not being specific gets you!

Here are some herbs/crystals/correspondences that you can use in your money magick…

Herbs/Spices- Basil, Cinnamon, Allspice, Bay leaves, Clove, Dill, Ginger, Marjoram, Nutmeg, Rosemary, Sage, Vervain

Crystals- Citrine, Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Jade, Quartz, Sodalite

Correspondences- The colors green, gold, Thursdays (Jupiter), Money/Coins (real/fake), I ching coins, Bamboo, Money Sigils, Pumpkins, Road Openers, Cinnamon Brooms, Keys, Ox symbols, Goldfish, Horseshoe

I hope this post is helpful to you guys!! Now go attract some money and support Magically Bree on Patreon.com/Magicallybreeblog!!

With Love,
Magically Bree


Why You Need An Ancestor Altar

Having an ancestor altar is a way to connect with the spirit world. By setting an altar and making offerings of food, water, etc. you are showing your deceased ancestors that you have not forgotten them, this is called veneration.

Veneration of ancestors has many benefits:
✨ It allows you more protection.
✨ Gives you access to ancestral information making you wiser and more experienced with your ancestors skills.
✨Prepares you for spiritual work, including petitioning spirits (bloodline or not).
✨Ancestors can help pull strings for you and assist here on earth and in the spiritual world.

It’s simple to set up an ancestral altar, you need:
?A table
?Pictures or items of deceased relatives (optional: a book of names of ancestors)
?Glass of water (water element)
?Candles (fire element)
?Incense (air element)
?Crystals/rocks (earth element)
You will also want to make offerings to your ancestors, if you get an urge to add something extra it’s probably an ancestor urging you to do so!

?Water, refresh everyday
? Food, you should do this daily, offer fruits, meats, what you’re eating and any known favorites of theirs.
? Liquor/Cigarrettes- if you know of an ancestor who liked these things, be careful if you know these things were a problem for them.
?Flowers or Live plants, to represent life and your family tree.
?Ancestor Money, burning this “play money” is believed to help your ancestors resolve karmic debts.

Ok so you set up your ancestral altar, what’s next?
❗️Light candles
❗️Give offerings and make it known they are for deceased relatives known and unknown.
❗️Burn ancestor money.
❗️Give thanks ❤️
I hope this helps anyone who wants to honor their ancestors ❤️
Remember these are people who love and care for you show them that you love and care for them too!

-Magically Bree

Happy Midsummer!

Today (June 21) marks the first day of the Summer Solstice which is a very important time for celebration and manifesting, also known as Midsummer or in Pagan religions Litha. It is a time of celebrating the good in life and taking the time to raise our vibrations to bring ideas to full bloom, especially those planted in the Spring Equinox.
Here are some ways you can magically and symbolically celebrate the Summer Solstice!

First, create a summertime altar to attract success, growth, and beauty using these symbols:

?The Sun, use sun imagery on your altar with beautiful sun art or figures

?Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold, pretty much all bright and fiery colors

?Candles (White or any other summery color to represent fire)

?Flowers, especially Sunflowers and Daisies

?Crystals, especially clear quartz, citrine, carnelian, amber, red jasper, tigers eye, pyrite or sun stone

✨Mirrors, to represent beauty and reflection, half of the year is gone and this can be a symbol of what has passed and what’s to come

?For those of us who practice Hoodoo, putting honey jars on your summer altar is a great idea!

Other things to do in celebration of Midsummer:

-Spend time with friends and family; prepare a meal for your loved ones both alive and passed, honor your ancestors with citrus fruits and red wine.

-Sun gaze, the best time to do this is when the sun is rising and when it is setting.

-Diffuse citrusy scents into the air like, lemon, wild orange, bergamot, and other good scents for midsummer aromatherapy frankincense, cinnamon, sandalwood and mint.

-Have a bonfire; throw petitions (wishes) into the flame to send them into the universe.

-Sun Tea, all you have to do is add your teabags, flowers, herbs, and intentions to a glass jar and let it sit in the sun for a few hours; this is especially magical as the sun moves into the water sign Cancer.

-Dance, have fun, laugh, SUMMER means freedom, so on this day enjoy life and all its ups and downs, and remember you have the power to manifest anything!

With Love,

-Magically Bree