The Four Elements & Sub-Elements

When you journey into mysticism and magic, you may also find yourself researching alchemy, which is an early form of chemistry used to transform matter.

One of the most basic studies in alchemy is the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, & Air) but I’d even go as far as saying that there are many more elements that make up the world around us such as (Ether, Light/Dark, Metal, Wood, Ice, etc). Today I want to share some information on the elements and how this information can be beneficial in your magical practice.

Water- In astrology the Water signs are, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Water is a feminine element, felt in coolness, found in the body and literally bodies of water, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc, associated with sexual fluids, social gatherings, and happiness. Some words/things related to the water element; intuition, emotion, cleansing, shape-shifting and flowing. In Tarot, the element Water is Cups, I remember this because cups literally hold water. The season associated with Water is Winter, which is a time of passive stillness.

Fire- In astrology the Fire signs are, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, it is a masculine element all about action. It can be felt in heat, seen in light, found in literal fires. Summer is Fire obviously. Herbs with a little heat to them such as cinnamon, cloves, or ginger are Fire herbs. Our physical energy is fueled by fire which is why people with a lot of fire in their natal charts tend to be more energetic and spontaneous. Keywords to remember of the fire element; light, heat, passion, energy, power, aggression, destruction, and purification. In Tarot Fire is most commonly associated with Wands, but I’ve also seen some associate it with swords because of the aggression.

Earth- In astrology the Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. It is feminine in nature, just think about ‘Mother Nature’. Earth is literally everything around us so it is the most abundant and stable of all the elements. Day to day life, plants, agriculture, employment, and money are all associated with the Earth element. Personally I’d say Earth would be spring season because of all the growth but it is Autumn, maybe because this is when the majority of crops are harvested to prepare for winter. Words to think of when it comes to Earth; growth, strength, stability, sensuality, wealth, and life. Seek earth when you need to feel more grounded, it’s as simple as walking barefoot in the grass. Pentacles are associated with money and materials and is the Earth Element in Tarot.

Air- In astrology the Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. It is active, just think about the wind, and therefore it is considered masculine. All weather and atmospheric conditions involve air, but it can also be felt and heard through vibrations, music, and communication. In Tarot it is swords or arguably wands. Our literal breath and words are of the Air element. Spring season is the time of year associate with Air, they do say “Spring is in the Air” Some other words of Air; illusions, mind, dreams, vision, and intellect.

As far as the sub-elements go I’d like to get your ideas, what are some things you would consider a ‘sub-element’? Think of things that combine two or more of the four elements, Water, Fire, Earth, Air. Comment below what you come up with!!

Magically Bree

Horseshoe Magick

magick and symbolism is something that I enjoy practicing and learning about. This post is all about the lucky and protective HORSESHOE.

The horseshoe is widely popular, the use and belief of their power spans many cultures, especially as a protective amulet. The charms, images/art, and actual iron horseshoes have been regarded as a lucky talisman since (maybe even before) Ancient Greece. It is believed that when hung above the doorway it prevents evil from entering the home. The direction that it should be hung is debatable, some cultures say upright is better because it keeps your luck from falling out, others believe prongs down help to pour the luck into you, so do whatever feels right to you. The shape of the horseshoe may contribute to its lucky and protective energy, often likened to the shape of the crescent moon or the horns of a bull.

✨Find an used horseshoe anoint it with an oil of your choice, hang it above your door to keep the bad spirits out✨

-Magically Bree

How to Manifest More Money, Tips from Magically Bree

Who wants to easily attract money and money-making opportunities? I know I do. This post is all about tips and tricks as well as correspondences for financial gain.

First lets focus on what not to do, these are the mistakes you are making that could be blocking the flow of money:

Clutter: yes, mess can have an unfavorable effect on your money. It is very important to keep your environment neat and tidy, Pests will literally eat away at your money, and having loose change lying around shows that you don’t value your money.

Holding on to receipts: these are reminders of money going OUT, and money will continue to go out if you carry a bunch of receipts with you. If you must keep them organize them in a place that is not your wallet. Also, credit cards are reminders of borrowing money, keep them to a minimum.

Poor Money Mindset: whether you have been taught through your past experiences that you don’t deserve money, or you feel like money goes more than it comes, or even that money is the root of all evil, you need to try to work with your shadow side to change your negative perception of money. These thoughts are definitely money blockers.

Ignoring the Opportunities: if you are blind to all the different ways you can make money in this day in age, you may be stuck in the 9-5 mind frame, traditional jobs are not the only way to gain financial stability. Explore 5 different ways you can make Multiple Streams of Income today, I currently have 4 ways that actually bring money to me but my goal is to have over 10 streams of income.

You don’t know how to Budget: every month you should sit down and write all of your necessary expenses (rent, gas, groceries, etc.) and think of ways to cut down on all the extras (like limiting fast food, choosing netflix over the theater, or splitting wine cost with a friend). It’s not fun, but it is important and it helps you get real about your money and your needs.

Now that you know what NOT to do you can focus on what to do to start attracting more funds in your life:

-Get to know the planets, Mercury, JUPITER, and Venus.

Mercury  (Wednesday) rules communication, commerce, and travel which are important aspects to understand when attracting money in this very global marketing time we live in, use Mercury energy to communicate what you have to offer to potential customers around the world through social networks.

Jupiter (Thursday) is the best tool for money magick, he is the benevolent giver of the universe only concerned with abundance and expansion. Just ask for what you want here with passion, and allow Jupiter to pull the strings to get you to the next level in life. This planet is associated with freedom and mastery, freedom from working for others, mastery of the skills you need to create your own opportunities.

Venus (Friday) is best known for love and beauty, but also art and luxury. This is the planet that will make you look like a million dollars and help you attract it as well. Use the charms of Venus to seal the deal at an interview or business meeting. She can help you be more attractive and therefore more persuasive.

-Get in a Giving Mood

It is the holidays and you may see more people giving from their hearts, but to attract money easily you must always be in the giving mood. Charge some money (Start with 10 $1 bills) with the intent of great return, you can do this by drawing a sigil on them or chanting over them something along the lines of…This money will return to me a hundred-fold! Now take all of the money and give to the poor and homeless in your city, do not spend the money any other way. Now watch the money come back in many different ways, and repeat the whole thing over even increasing the money that you are giving to the needy.

-Money Rituals

Create some different rituals to perform, such as a money attracting floor wash for your home or business, a money drawing mojo bag that you wear to business meetings, a candle spell, or any other rituals you can think of. Be specific with how much you need, or at least specify what you will be using the money for to give the universe some direction. I cant tell you how many time I attracted random checks in the mail for $4 or less, that’s what not being specific gets you!

Here are some herbs/crystals/correspondences that you can use in your money magick…

Herbs/Spices- Basil, Cinnamon, Allspice, Bay leaves, Clove, Dill, Ginger, Marjoram, Nutmeg, Rosemary, Sage, Vervain

Crystals- Citrine, Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Jade, Quartz, Sodalite

Correspondences- The colors green, gold, Thursdays (Jupiter), Money/Coins (real/fake), I ching coins, Bamboo, Money Sigils, Pumpkins, Road Openers, Cinnamon Brooms, Keys, Ox symbols, Goldfish, Horseshoe

I hope this post is helpful to you guys!! Now go attract some money and support Magically Bree on!!

With Love,
Magically Bree


Moon Animals

I love the Moon! Every phase is magical and I always find myself mesmerized by the glow of the moon. So in honor of the beautiful moon, I am writing this blog post about lunar animals.

You may see people casually refer to animals as ‘totems’ or a ‘spirit animals’ but I think it’s important to note that those beliefs are apart of indigenous religions and is taken very seriously within those tribes and cultures, traditionally they would perform sacred rituals before claiming an animal as their “spirit animal”. (Just a little note because it’s not fair to Natives to make light of their religious practices)

The symbolism of animals (and plants) is important for everyone to know. Throughout history mankind has lived alongside animals; the stories, fables, myths of animals teaches us about ourselves and life’s complexity. As a witch it is even more helpful to have a knowledge of animal symbolism, as references for spells and divination. Some witches have ‘familiars’ that are animals, such as a cat that assists in magickal workings.


Owls- The Owl is believed to be a ruler of the night and seer of souls. We often see them portrayed as “Wise”. They are careful in nature, mysterious, and powerful. Most owls are nocturnal, saving their hunting for nighttime, which is how they are connected to moon lore.


Wolves-  Thewolf is a creature with a high sense of loyalty, they are social animals despite the “lone wolf” misnomer. They are known for their wide range of vocal expressions and protective nature, wolf symbolism can be used in communication and protection work.


Bats- The bat is highly sensitive to their surroundings and considered a symbol of intuition, dreaming and vision. They symbolize perception on a psychic level, and can symbols of the bat can be used to have prophetic dreams or gain hidden knowledge.


Crabs- Because the Moon is the ruler of the zodiac sign Cancer, the crab is probably the most powerful animal associated with the Moon. Think about Cancer traits, protective, loyal, intuitive and feminine in nature. They also are emotional because of the close proximity to the element water.


Cats- Cats are associated to magick and the moon, they were also the symbolic animal of the Roman goddess Diana, Goddess of the Moon. Some fear cats, ever heard of bad luck of black cats? but many cultures worshiped the cat especially in Ancient Egypt and Rome.

Of course, more animals that are associated with the moon, all of the nocturnal animals and all sea creatures too!

Thanks for reading, feel free to share to your blog!

-Magically Bree

Happy Samhain

Today marks the first day of the traditionally Pagan festival of Samhain, from the evening of Oct. 31 through Nov. 6, celebrating the end of harvest and preparing for the cold season.

Samhain is associated with death, so honoring the ancestors is an excellent way to celebrate. Spend some time with your ancestors, create an altar for them, make offerings and ask for their strength and blessings.

Other things you can do in celebration:

Decorate your home with seasonal symbols, like pumpkins, acorns, apples, dried leaves, as well as fall/winter colors, oranges, browns, deep reds and purples, white for winter.

Prepare a family feast, set the table using the symbolism above. Invite your ancestors to dine with you by saving food for them or setting a place for them at the table.

Set a bonfire, as Samhain is also known as a fire festival, the fire can represent energy, renewal, cleansing, warmth or whatever fire means to you.

If you are unable to create a bonfire, channel fire energy through candle magic, and take it a step forward by using the candle as a divination tool during and after the ritual, by reading the flame and candle wax.

Give thanks, everyday is a good day to be grateful but right now is espeically good to reflect and express gratitude, for all the blessings we have had throughout the warm months and what we have to get us through the cold months.

These are just some suggestions, be sure to add your own cultural adaptations and include things that are unique to you!

Happy Samhain!!

-Magically Bree

Angel Numbers

These repeating numbers are signs and symbols of synchronicity from spirit guides and angels.

These number sequences are important because they catch our attention and are more likely to stick with you. This is spirits way to signal us to inspire positive vibes.


A message to be aware of your reoccurring thoughts, these thoughts are manifesting quickly, make sure you have positive and optimistic mindset. Be inspirational.


Very powerful as 22 is a master builder number, 222 has to deal with balance, harmony, faith, trust, duality, cooperation and timely opportunities. Keep your faith.


Seeing this after prayer is indication that your prayers have been heard and supported by Jesus. The more threes you see the better. As so above, so below. Trinity.


Your angels are by your side asking that you pay attention closely to the world around you. You are protected. This relates to your home life and inner circle.


Signifies positive change ahead. Prepare and embrace these life changes.


Most recognized for its controversy and association with the devil. Calls for reevaluation, seek truth, question your beliefs, get on the right path, unlearning is important.


Look to the past and learn the lessons but do not dwell. Make conscious decisions and use caution while making moves. Sit with your spirit guides.


Money, abundance and balance. Seeing 888 multiple times in a day is a sign that money is coming. Align yourself with an abundance mindset to make manifesting much easier.


Completion of a cycle. Closure. Shift for change as your next phase of life begins. The final step, new beginnings.


Fresh beginnings, start something new. This means GO! New potential and possibilities ahead.


This is a wake up call! Higher consciousness communication with angels and spirit guides is heightened. Make your wishes known!

-Magically Bree

Snake Symbolism

?The snake is a symbol of life, change and longevity ?

People tend to seek out Snake symbolism and meaning when in need of healing or transformation for the better.

Associated with Earth element, which reminds us to keep one foot on the ground even in spiritual exploration.

When Snake starts appearing as a Spirit Animal and Guide it is time to cast away illusions, unhealthy beliefs and unreasonable expectations be they emotional, physical or Spiritual.

✨Shed the skin of old ways and bad habits.✨

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-Magically Bree