Crossed Conditions and Uncrossing

I practice an eclectic blend of magick, mostly hoodoo because it’s orgins are close to my own and although I’ve never heard of anyone in my family who worked roots I definitely would not be surprised. Because of my love for the spiritual practice of Hoodoo, I will be sharing some of the practices here on my blog.

Today’s Hoodoo Topic: Crossing and Uncrossing

When you are crossed or crossing someone this is magick of ill intent, stemming from anger, jealousy, and unresolved conflict.

To uncross is to lift the effects of a cross or in other words a hex, jinx, or curse. In Hoodoo this is referred to ‘removing cross conditions’.

How do you know if you’ve been crossed:
When you have been crossed you will notice a sudden change in luck, an unexpected turn for the worst. Sometimes a crossed condition is not something placed on you by a angered practitioner but a result of your own self-undoing, either by a build up of negative energy or by surrounding yourself with people who don’t have your best interest in mind. Either way, you will feel hopeless, everything you try fails, you are blocked and stuck in life, it can also manifest as sickness in the body.

If you think you might be going through this, it is very helpful to get a reading done because it can be anything from astrology transits, past life trauma, etc. Learn more about my divination services, here.

Uncrossing is the removal of the crossed condition replaced with positive energy, love, and new opportunities. To uncross yourself (or someone else) you must first look into shadow work, to uncover how these conditions stems from you, heal the inner child and unresolved negative or stagnant energies in yourself. Once you understand the root of your condition, release the pain by anointing a candle with uncrossing oils or oils that bring peace. Next you will want to take a spiritual bath and cleanse the home with an uncrossing floor bath. Repeat the floor wash, spiritual bath for seven days or until you start feeling the effects of your crossed condition leave your body/home.

After you have successfully removed the crossed conditions, make protection a priority! Especially if your crossing was done by an outside source.

And that’s all I have on Crossing and Uncrossing for today, if you would like to know some ways to cross someone up send me a message!

With Love,
Magically Bree

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