Did You Learn The Lesson of 2018!??

With the year 2018 almost coming to an end, I am writing this post based off of the divination podcast I did for every zodiac sign all about the lessons we should’ve been learning. Listen to it, here!

I used my dice, moonology deck, and loteria deck for these readings, if you want to know more about shaking up those boring tarot readings join One Of A Kind Oracles, where I mentor about out of the box divination practices and teach new exciting ways to divine. The questions asked are “What is the overall lesson of 2018”, “How did the lesson manifest/What happened to teach the lesson”, “How to pass the test”, and “What comes after the lesson is learned”.

Aries-(Cardinal/Fire)- Your lesson Aries is all about your blockages. Your depression and heavy emotions were the ways the lesson was manifesting and taught to you. To pass the test avoid running from your problems and speak honestly about your issues. Once you’ve learned the lesson you will be embolden with the energy necessary to make those first moves, you will be filled with the cardinal fire energy you naturally possess.

Taurus-(Fixed/Earth)- For Taurus your lesson is deciding which path is best for you. 2018 had many experiences of you feeling out of control, seeing what you want yet not understanding how to reach it. To get through this lesson you must follow the path that feels the best, follow your emotions, especially following the joys in life. Once you have passed the test you will have to explain it those around you, be confident in the path you have chosen.

Gemini-(Mutable/Air)- The lesson this year was all about why your relationships are unhealthy. Your thoughts were your teacher this year, times of obsessive thoughts and also those times of avoidance. To get through this lesson you you need to seek guidance. Once the lesson is learned you will achieve harmony in your spiritual, mental, physical and material worlds.

Cancer-(Cardinal/Water)- Cancer your lesson is similar to Gemini, think about your relationships this year this is where the lesson lies. Your thoughts and emotions revolve around your family and that is what is teaching you. To pass the test of 2018 you need to realize that some people are limited in their growth, once you have realized that you will have some very prosperous days ahead.

Leo-(Fixed/Fire)- In 2018 your lessons revolved around new beginnings and where to start. You were taught through experiences of facing reality and being comforted by truth of situations. The test can be passed by healthy detachment from family, learn to create boundaries and understand that you cannot be there for everyone. For the Leo passing the test comes with no reward it’s just something that needs to be done.

Virgo-(Mutable/Earth)- Your lesson Virgo is all about compatibility. Any experiences dealing with women or a particular woman (if you are a woman it could be you), were lesson plans for you. To pass the test recognize danger and quickly remove yourself from the situation, without harming anyone. Moving forward you will feel relief because the end of a tough cycle approaches.

Libra-(Cardinal/Air)- Your lesson is also about compatibility this year. Your lesson manifested as experiences with a mentor, guide, supervisor, or anyone who has control over your path. To get past this lesson, understand that you have choices, make a choice and stick to it. Expect more energy to take actions on your own without a guide.

Scorpio-(Fixed/Water)- The lesson in 2018 for the Scorpios is all about new beginnings and starting new things. We were being taught through the lens of others, the perspective of others is that we have everything together. To pass the test we must be very intentional of walking the walk. Scorpios once you have learned the lessons, expect great changes in your life.

Sagittarius-(Mutable/Fire)- In 2018 the lesson for you is all about compatibility. Any experience where you felt anger and out of control was your teacher this year. The lesson is learned when you are able to let people be themselves and grow at their own pace. Up next for Sag is a new life, new beginnings, and new lessons.

Capricorn-(Cardinal/Earth)- Your lessons this year are about relationships, especially those difficult ones. It manifested in feelings of being trapped by the things out of your control. Reflecting on your own self growth and improvement is how you will prove the lesson is learned. Keep that same energy throughout 2019, Capricorn.

Aquarius-(Fixed/Air)- 2018 wanted you to be teach you of the longevity of your situations and it showed up in situations in groups where you felt the need to keep information to yourself. Your input is needed Aquarius, once you realize your influence is important you have passed the test. Remember things are not set in stone and things are bound to change for you guys!

Pisces-(Mutable/Water)-The lesson for Pisces this year was “why am I stuck?”. Situations where you felt the need to protect and care for others is what was teaching you. If you are aware of and facing your fears, congratulations because you have learned the lesson 2018 wanted to teach you. Prepare yourself for major transformation moving forward.

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