Apantomancy: divination through objects or beings encountered in a “chance meeting”. I am a firm believer that every thing happens for a reason so I find this type of divination very interesting.

Astrology: divination by the positions of the planets, stars, moon and sun. I’m really good when it comes to this but you can always learn more about astrology.

Carromancy: divination by observing melting wax, something I do when practicing Candle Magic.

Feng Shui: This is an very interesting subject that I read about often, I try to apply some of the concepts in my apartment and I swear it definitely helps.

Graphology: This is divination through examining and interpreting handwriting. This is something that I kind of do with myself, I have many different handwriting styles and it would be interesting to see what that might mean.

Hydromancy: Hydro is water and I’m a Scorpio (water sign) so of course “reading” bodies of water seems very appealing but more for meditation then divination.

Lithomancy: This is having to do with crystals, which I love. This could include looking at how the light bounces off of them or making crystal grids and feeling the energy from all the different stones. With stones that are similar in size and shape they can be cast from a bag and read in accordance of which stones fall where.

Oenomancy: I don’t know how real this one is yet but I will definitely trying it when I get some down time, it’s divination through wine. Say no more.

Oneiromancy: I remember being young and my dad told me he could interpret dreams, it was such a small statement that made a big impact, that’s what oneiromancy is, the interpretation of dreams. I wish I could do this but struggle with remembering what I dreamt about.

Oracle: This is contact with Gods or Spirits. Oracle card readings are like tarot readings where you pick from a deck and read according to the images of the cards and in what order they were chosen.

Palmistry: I have already started practicing this one, reading palms. Starting with my own hands I’ve noticed some patterns that are also in my natal astrology chart.

Scrying: There are different versions of scrying but basically it’s the act of gazing into something and maybe getting some energy, feeling or vision from it. For instance, the crystal ball, you always see “gypsy” images with a crystal ball this is a type of scrying divination. I do this with incense smoke, I will look at it and watch how it moves and pick up different feelings and vibrations from it.

Selenomancy: This is something I’ve been doing for many years now, moon gazing, it’s divination based on the shape and phase of the moon. I am always looking at and for the moon, I can pretty much always tell you what phase she is in and I have a handy widget here that tells you what zodiac sign she is in and what that might mean for you.

What types of divination do you love?? What types do you want to know more about?