Dream Recall

This post is for those of us who would love to remember our dreams, especially for divination and dream journaling. 

I’m definitely writing this post for myself, because like many others I have a really difficult time remembering more than bits and pieces of my dreams after waking up and I know that there is so much to gain from trying these tips for dream recall

People who get good-quality sleep also tend to have and remember more dreams – that means sleeping 7-9 hours per night on a consistent schedule.

Let’s start with some practical things you want to take care of before going to bed:

  1. Make sure all of your basic needs have been met, are you thirsty? drink water, hungry? eat a healthy meal, pretty commonsense, right? 
  2. Don’t consume medications/drugs or drink alcohol for a few hours before bedtime, these things can impact your cognitive abilities and interfere with your memory. 
  3. Meditate before sleep to ensure your mind and body are relaxed, if you need meditation tips, check out this post

When going to sleep, tell yourself “I will remember my dream tonight” by making the conscious decision to remember the dream, you’re more likely to do it. 

Things to do when you wake up:

  1. Your first waking moments should be spent thinking about what your dream was about. Remember as many details as possible, down to the emotions the dream made you feel.
  2. Write down everything that came to mind, even if it seems insignificant record all the details. Everything won’t come to you immediately, you may remember more throughout the day, write these things down as they come. 

You will start to notice it becomes easier to recall your dreams after you repeat the bedtime routine and the waking up routine for several days (or weeks).

Other tips for dream recall: 

  • Place crystals under your pillow, the best ones for dream recall are Amethyst, Kyanite, Herkimer Diamonds, and Quartz
  • Try diffusing these essential oils for more vivid dreams; rose, sandalwood, clary sage, cedarwood and Frankincense are great for this.

You may also want to try brewing a Dream tea to enhance your dreams, these are some herbs that are safe to ingest (always research herbs before drinking/eating):

Valerian Root has been used to induce lucid dreaming for centuries. It can help create more vivid dreams–and intense ones, too.

Ginko Biloba is known to increase our brain function and improve memory. In sleep it can make dreams more vivid and we can feel more alert.

Calea Zachatechi is called the Dream Herb and is a plant that has been used in parts of Mexico for a very long time. It has been scientifically proven to increase reaction time and frequency of dreams as well as encourage vivid and lucid dreams.

Peppermint can support lucid and vivid dreaming, and some users even report a “prophetic” quality to dreams when peppermint is involved.

Passionflower is very relaxing and sedative, helping to bring about a calmer dream state.


I hope you guys enjoy this post and try some of these dream recall tips and stay tuned as I share some of the dreams I remember using these tips!

-Magically Bree 

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