This is the basis of my magical practice, EVERY THING, EVERY DAY, EVERY EXPERIENCE should be done with the intent to make me better. It’s taken me awhile to begin living this way, but now that I’ve learned how important it is, it’s how I’m thriving. ✨

I sometimes share magic spells and rituals that I do but truth is everything is a ritual whether you realize it or not. Even when you’re just going through the motions of day to day life you are setting intentions through your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

I guess this is my experience with the law of attraction. Except I’ve taken it to the next level by incorporating symbolism, the planets, lots of reading, love and practice.

Ways you can be intentional everyday:
✨Wake up to positivity, say affirmations, smile in the mirror, name things your grateful for.

✨Practice lots of self love, pamper yourself, believe in yourself.

✨Keep a planner, journal, diary…whatever suits your personality. Write in it everyday!

✨Teach people in the most genuine way you can, not from a place of wanting to be right or forcing people to see things from your perspective.

✨Have fun!!! Laugh, play games, make friends.

✨Protect yourself, say prayers, carry protective stones, set the intention of safety and security.

✨Honor your ancestors, without them you would never be, remember them daily.

✨Eat to heal, not to kill.

✨Go to bed proud of yourself even if you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted, trust that you did your best, and you will do even better tomorrow.

Journal Prompt:

How are you intentional? How can you be more intentional?