Free Honey Jar Spells

Honey Jars are magick you can put together easily to sweeten anything in life. I have prepared many of these for varying situations, they all have the same basic components; A jar, honey (or any other sweeteners), herbs/oils, and to work it, you can burn a candle on top.

So for the free, here are 5 examples of honey jars I have used, along with herbs, crystals, and candle colors for each intent.

For Self: This is probably my favorite type of love spell to cast, ‘Self Love’, for this one I would love to keep it all edible, so when you need a little self love boost, just give this honey jar a little taste. Start with a clean jar, write your petition on a bay leaf, a simple self love affirmation such as “I love myself” is all you really need. Some herbs to include (that are also edible) lavender (peace), rosemary (power), and a fresh basil leaf (adds to your personal magnetism). As you are making this keep in mind that you are worthy, beautiful, smart, and all that good stuff, all these positive affirmations are an important ingredient in this spell as well. Close the jar, and burn with pink candles and roses.

For Family: We have all probably been through low points with family involved, to resolve family drama, put the whole fam in a honey jar. Get a bigger jar, using brown paper bag, write the names of the members of your family either separately or by the collective last name. With the intention of sweetening the family dynamic, cover the names with honey (or syrup, sugar, molasses or any other sweetener), along with herbs for peace like lavender. Garlic is especially good for family or domestic matters. Burn a tealight candle on this jar before big family events, holidays, birthdays, etc.

For Friends: For some people friends are just like family, for others they would like to attract better friends in their life. This jar is meant to help keep friendships genuine and happy. No fake friends allowed. Get a jar, write an affirmation such as “all my friendships are mutually beneficial” or if you have a specific friend in mine write their names into the affirmation. Some great herbs for strengthening and attracting friendships are catnip, sweet pea, rose, and passionflower, I’d even add a little citrus oils for the happiness. Burn with brightly colored candles with glitter to represent the fun that friends add to life.

For Love: Everybody’s favorite Honey Jar is all about attracting LOVE, so here is my ideas for a love jar, feel free to substitute things and add in your own ingredients (research everything). I like my love to be REAL, so I encourage you use the best honey you can find (organic, thick, delicious) while making your petition eat a little of your honey, this petition should be very detailed on how you want your love to feel, be as honest and specific as you can on this petition, if you want to be fancy, write this petition in the shape of a heart. Add it to your 100% pure honey. Have patience with this one because this honey moves slow but it is veryyyy effective. If you want a little spice in your love life add cinnamon and/or cloves, also add vanilla bean for passion. For longevity add some maple syrup. Since all of these are edible ingredients, be sure to add a little to your lovers tea/coffee/koolaid, or include a little in your sweet treat recipes. This is very powerful magick so don’t do this for any ol body, use this wisely. Burn red candles with roses and your favorite love oil.

General: If you want your life to be sweeter in general, put yourself in a jar, write your name, add the sweetener (sugar, honey, syrup, whatever you have that is sweet), this jar is to bring luck and money, as well as make everything a little easier for you. Some common ingredients you can include allspice, almond, cilantro, coffee, coriander, tobacco, etc, do some research you will find so many herbs. Burn with tea light candles and gold glitter when you need a little boost.

I hope you guys love this blog post! If you use any of these Honey Jar Spells be sure to share your results with me! If you have any questions or need some custom spell work or divination, contact me atΒ

-Magically Bree

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