Full Moon in Aries Ritual

Today (10/13) is a Full Moon in Aries. With Aries being a fire sign and full moons all about release I thought it would be perfect to do a “Let it Go” fire ritual tonight.
Here is the ritual:

First relax, you want to be as comfortable as you can be with no disruptions.
Let the introspection being, think about your life and all it’s ups and downs, think about what hinders you, and specifically what you no longer need in your life, be it negative people, habits, thoughts, whatever holds you back.
Get a piece of paper and write this intention (or something similar) “These are the things that I release…”
Under the intention start listing everything you want to let go off, don’t leave anything out, and as you write it down visualize yourself getting lighter or closer to freedom or anything that can symbolize you without the things you list.
Write an intention of gratitude “everything is released never to return in the best interest of all involved”
Now you want to burn this paper, carefully, if you want to incorporate candle magick into this ritual you can do that as well.
And that’s it!

Hopefully this ritual reaches those who need it.

-Magically Bree

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