Green Witch Aesthetic

? Here’s my take on the green witch aesthetic?

??? A green witch is one whose rituals and spell work revolve around nature, plants, and natural materials.???

?Ways to bring out your inner green witch?
-Read and practice using herbal remedies. Learn all the magical properties of flowers, herbs, trees, etc.
-Start a garden or at the very least get some house plants.
-Use essential oils! I am definitely an oil junkie and can hook you up with the good stuff here!
-Walk in the grass barefoot, its an awesome way to grounds yourself.
-Try wildcrafting, responsibly by first making sure you’re not trespassing and also being aware of the plants your taking.
-Talk to your plants.
-Sit under trees and offer your ancestors foods at trees.
-Avoid littering and take your carbon footprint more seriously.
With Love,
Magically Bree


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