Happy Capricorn Season (12/21-1/19)

As of December 21 it is officially Capricorn Season, meaning the Sun is making it’s month-ish long journey through the constellation Capricornus, which is symbolized by a Sea Goat. It is important to understand all 12 of the transits (zodiac signs) regardless of your sign, this is how you consciously work with the stars rather than unconsciously against them.

Capricorn comes right after Sagittarius with a major shift in energy, from expansive and adventurous to introverted and responsible. Ruled by Saturn the planet who controls boundaries, time, and routines. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, they are the ones who plant the seeds that later become great successes.

Magically Bree’s Advice for Winning Capricorn Season:

-Make those New Year’s Resolutions, I know some of us think it’s corny and we never follow them anyways but it’s actually super important to do during this transit. Saturn’s energy gives you extra motivation when it comes to positive change, especially in matters of time management, business planning, and budgeting.

-Go into hermit mode, the hermit in tarot is a card that symbolizes commitment to goals, knowledge, and development. This is the time to do some serious self reflection and planning your next moves. Spend a lot of time all alone, even if this feels difficult it is necessary for growth.

-Avoid risky behavior, during Capricorn it is much easier to take time to think rather than act on impulse. Capricorn’s embody earth energy making them slower to change. So save the risk taking for Aquarius season, when the energy may favor unpredictability more.

Capricorns thrive on hard work, practicality, and of course success so to everyone reading I hope you guys take away those qualities in your journey forward.

With Love,
Magically Bree

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