Happy Midsummer!

Today (June 21) marks the first day of the Summer Solstice which is a very important time for celebration and manifesting, also known as Midsummer or in Pagan religions Litha. It is a time of celebrating the good in life and taking the time to raise our vibrations to bring ideas to full bloom, especially those planted in the Spring Equinox.
Here are some ways you can magically and symbolically celebrate the Summer Solstice!

First, create a summertime altar to attract success, growth, and beauty using these symbols:

?The Sun, use sun imagery on your altar with beautiful sun art or figures

?Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold, pretty much all bright and fiery colors

?Candles (White or any other summery color to represent fire)

?Flowers, especially Sunflowers and Daisies

?Crystals, especially clear quartz, citrine, carnelian, amber, red jasper, tigers eye, pyrite or sun stone

✨Mirrors, to represent beauty and reflection, half of the year is gone and this can be a symbol of what has passed and what’s to come

?For those of us who practice Hoodoo, putting honey jars on your summer altar is a great idea!

Other things to do in celebration of Midsummer:

-Spend time with friends and family; prepare a meal for your loved ones both alive and passed, honor your ancestors with citrus fruits and red wine.

-Sun gaze, the best time to do this is when the sun is rising and when it is setting.

-Diffuse citrusy scents into the air like, lemon, wild orange, bergamot, and other good scents for midsummer aromatherapy frankincense, cinnamon, sandalwood and mint.

-Have a bonfire; throw petitions (wishes) into the flame to send them into the universe.

-Sun Tea, all you have to do is add your teabags, flowers, herbs, and intentions to a glass jar and let it sit in the sun for a few hours; this is especially magical as the sun moves into the water sign Cancer.

-Dance, have fun, laugh, SUMMER means freedom, so on this day enjoy life and all its ups and downs, and remember you have the power to manifest anything!

With Love,

-Magically Bree

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