Happy Pisces Season!!

Hello Pisces Season!! From 2/19 to 3/20. Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, this is fitting for Pisces, a water sign, who can get sometimes find themselves going in circles in life.

Pisces is ruled by both Neptune and Jupiter so expect an excess of emotional energy. Neptune is associated with drugs, dreams, and rock n roll. Jupiter being the biggest planet in our solar system is all about growth and abundance.

As the last season of the Zodiac wheel it is a great idea to clear out any baggage you’ve accumulated throughout the year, use the powerful water energy of Pisces to really let go and cleanse so that you can start off the Astrological year off right come Aries season!!

?Some of my predictions for Pisces season?

-Moodiness: you may experience more ups and downs emotionally during this season, try to keep a level head and don’t get too excited or too heated, depending on the situation.

-Lost in Thought: you will be thinking much deeper and exploring your imagination much easier than any other season, use this energy to manifest what your heart desires. Do not get lost in the sauce though.

-Intuition Increase: might be relying on your intuition more than logic right now.

-Feeling Artsy: explore any burst of creative energy right now!! Paint, draw, write, sing, create, and share with the world to inspire the rest of us to create something of our own.

-Don’t Take it Personal: since you will be influenced by all of this emotional watery energy you will be picking up on the emotions of others and your environment, resulting in hurt feelings or assumptions. Be vocal with your own emotions and let others do the same, but don’t become so invested in these feelings!


This could be a time of compassion and growth or it could be emotional break downs depending on your perspective. I’m excited for the creative energy and am hoping it’ll inspire me to paint more!!


For more fun with Pisces Season check out my podcast episode titled “Focus on this during Pisces season”

With Love,
Magically Bree

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