Happy Scorpio Season

Finally! My favorite zodiac season is here, Scorpio! From Oct 22 – Nov 21. Scorpio is a fixed water element, known as one of the most sexual of all signs, but there is much more to the Scorpion, I should know, I am one (11/12)

Here are some of the best traits of the Scorpio:


Here are some of the shadow traits:

Hot tempered

This zodiac sign is symbolized by the scorpion 🦂, an animal that is feared for its sting, but whose poison was also believed to be healing, like a strong psychedelic with the power to transform and transport the mind to the spiritual realms. Such is the effect of Scorpio season. Now I’m not saying to allow yourself to be stung willingly but do not fear the depth of Scorpio because you will be transformed and healed through it.

Here’s some things you can expect during this powerful time:

  • Focus on relationships or lack thereof, heightened sexual energy, themes of control and obsession as well. Work on the sacral chakra and womb healing exercises.
  • You will feel stronger, take this time as an opportunity to face your fears, Let Scorpio be your backbone.
  • Emotions are on 1000+, Scorpio is known for deep emotions, allow yourself to feel them but do not become engulfed in them.
  • Watch out for manipulative behavior, you may see this in yourself or in others, as Scorpio is a master manipulator.
  • Situations of vengeance may be played out in the media, and if you are looking to get revenge now is a great time to right those wrongdoings.
  • Success, sex, and mirror rituals are powerful ways to incorporate Scorpio season into your magical practice.

    Above all, enjoy, don’t allow yourself to get too serious during this time, instead think about the next level you are trying to reach and life and think of how ambitious Scorpio can get you there!

With Love,

Magically Bree

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