Honey Jars

Honey Jars

This is a pretty popular topic when it comes to African American folk magick, honey jars are meant to make life a little sweeter. 

Use a honey jar spell to: 

  • To promote love
  • Bring favor in a situation
  • Make someone nicer to you
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Persuade someone to do something you want

The idea is that by using something sweet you are sympathetically (making connections between non-magical items to work your magick) encouraging something sweet to happen. 

Other sweet things you can use: 

  • Sugar (works faster than honey)
  • Syrup
  • Molasses 
  • Candies
  • And other sweeteners like stevia, agave nectar, and fruit juices 

Okay so you want to make a honey (or other sweetener) jar to encourage joy, harmony, and tender loving feelings in your life.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • First write a petition, which is a wish/request written on paper (brown paper bag). Do some research and you will find many traditional ways to write petitions in hoodoo. Personally I favor creativity when it comes to this, so for love I may write my petition in a heart shape or use colors that correspond with my spell.
  • Next get a jar (cleanse it using sage or anything you use to cleanse your tools, charge it with intent), put your petition in here with whatever herbs/roots/flowers/oils you’re using. You can also add other things for aesthetic like confetti or glitter or sprinkles, be creative.
  • Last add your honey or sweetener. Place a lid on top.

Other things to do with your honey jar:

  • You can burn candles on top to charge or recharge the spell.
  • By shaking the jar you can get the spell moving forward.
  • If everything you put in the jar is edible you can use the honey for cooking, tea or whatever. Or just taste when you want a quick boost of sweetness.
  • Pray over the jar or meditate with intent.

Remember magick doesn’t work overnight, it takes time especially with a slow moving medium like honey.

With Love, 
Magically Bree


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