Horseshoe Magick

magick and symbolism is something that I enjoy practicing and learning about. This post is all about the lucky and protective HORSESHOE.

The horseshoe is widely popular, the use and belief of their power spans many cultures, especially as a protective amulet. The charms, images/art, and actual iron horseshoes have been regarded as a lucky talisman since (maybe even before) Ancient Greece. It is believed that when hung above the doorway it prevents evil from entering the home. The direction that it should be hung is debatable, some cultures say upright is better because it keeps your luck from falling out, others believe prongs down help to pour the luck into you, so do whatever feels right to you. The shape of the horseshoe may contribute to its lucky and protective energy, often likened to the shape of the crescent moon or the horns of a bull.

✨Find an used horseshoe anoint it with an oil of your choice, hang it above your door to keep the bad spirits out✨

-Magically Bree

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