How To Create Sigils

Sigils are magical symbols you create to give your intentions life. They are very powerful tools that I use in my practice.

Here is a simple guide to create them! There is no right or wrong way to draw these symbols but this is how I do them.

✨ Write an intention. For example: My art sells for the perfect price to the perfect person.

✨ Simplify the phrase by removing all vowels and repeating letters.

✨Randomly write the remaining letters, I like to turn my page as I write these letters so that some are upside down.

✨ Combine the letters into a new symbol. This is your sigil!

That’s it!


I hope this helps any one who wants to incorporate sigils into their craft! More on how I activate and work with them later…

Now go draw some sigils ❤️

-Magically Bree

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