It’s Almost Time!! Conjure Cuties at The Black Witch Convention

Dawtas of the Moon workshop presenters Bree Hatter, MagicallyBree @magicallybree & Jolearra Tshiteya, High Priestess J, @highhpriestessj Conjure Cuties MagicallyBree is a creative energy who’s ultimate goal is entrepreneurship and travel. She’s an artist, jewelry creator, and blogger. Most importantly she is a mother, her magick is all about creating a safe, prosperous, beautiful life for her family. Follow her magical journey at

High Priestess J is a self-taught divination diva, jewelry maker and curio crafter. She is a first-generation black, queer femme. She come from a strong Congolese bloodline of leaders, intuits and herbal healers. High Priestess J loves all forms of divination such as tarot, oracle, runes, charms, pendulum and so on. She can be reached at

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