Lunar Returns and How To Celebrate!

Today (1/15) I celebrate my Lunar Return, as the moon is in earthy Taurus. The moon cycles through all twelve signs every month, which means you have 12 (or more) lunar returns to celebrate. A ‘Lunar Return’ is the time of the month where the moon reaches the place where it was at the time of your birth. In astrology your moon sign reveals your inner being, emotional needs, and what comforts you. Similar to a Solar Return or Saturn Return, the Lunar Return is significant and should be acknowledged.

Pull a Lunar Return Chart here, it’ll help you keep track of all your Lunar Birthdays. 

How to use the Lunar Return:

  • The Lunar Return chart is extremely helpful when used as a horoscope to help see the energy and the situations of the month ahead. This can be excellent for learning about the ways different astrological energies manifest. Since it’s very current it shows you how these energies are manifesting for you, now, this month, today.
  • This is a transformative time, use the energy to help push you towards your goals, make a habit of writing positive affirmations, wishes, goals, and plans for the future.
  • This is the time when things tend to reveal themselves, giving you the opportunity to gain valuable information, listen and pay attention to the signs especially at this time.
  • To celebrate indulge your moon sign by giving in to your guilty pleasures, here are some ideas but definitely not the only options:
    • Aries- Take a million selfies, and post them all!
    • Taurus- Comfort food, did someone say “mashed potatoes”?
    • Gemini- Turn the music up full volume and go off.
    • Cancer- A nice sudsy bubble bath.
    • Leo- Get in the shower and belt out your favorite songs as loud as you can.
    • Virgo- Something sweet is what you need, ice cream, cookies, and cake should do the job.
    • Libra- Buy yourself something nice, your moon day is a good excuse to splurge a little.
    • Scorpio- You can give yourself permission to binge watch your favorite drama filled reality show.
    • Sagittarius- Curl up with a good book, some hot tea, light a candle to further set the mood.
    • Capricorn- Take a well deserved break from work.
    • Aquarius- Spend time bargain shopping in your favorite thrift shop.
    • Pisces- Indulge your creative side, paint a pretty picture.

I hope this is helpful!! Comment your Moon Sign below!

With Love,
Magically Bree

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