Meditation is a very important skill that many people have a hard time doing. In our fast paced society, sitting quiet and meditating seems so out of place. I started meditating at a time in my life where I felt very lost, and I quickly felt the comforting benefits of meditation, even once having an out of body experience.

Follow these basic meditation techniques and tips and you will be meditating like a pro in no time!

First make sure all your basic needs are met, make sure you are not overly tired, hungry, thirst, etc. Seems like common sense but this is my first tip, because I have a hard time concentrating on anything if I haven’t eaten/drinking, or slept or if I’m super emotional about something.

If you are laying down, be sure to be comfortable but not so comfortable that you go to sleep. Same thing if you are seated, it helps to sit with your back in the chair and feet planted on the floor.

Don’t expect to meditate a hour daily, this is unrealistic for most people. Instead start with 5 minutes and slowly build up to however long feels right for you.

Visualize yourself being covered by white light, this is a great way to start a meditation session. This white light (aura) is protective. As you practice this you should build this light, making it brighter and larger.

You want to control your breathing during meditation, do this by taking a deep breath in through your nose, hold for a count of 4 and then let it all out slowly through your mouth. Repeat this until you begin to feel at rest and relaxed.

Although some will meditate in silence, I know there are many other options for background noise, you can play ambiance tracks that feature flowing music, or piano, or forest noises, or whatever makes you feel relaxed. I have been listening to a lot of binaural beats, like this one I found on YouTube.

Once you feel totally relaxed and at peace, think about what you need most, or what you want to benefit from meditating. This is where your focus should stay. It could be a pleasant experience or an idea such as love, joy, or peace.

When some other thought tries to intrude, picture it as being written on a clear board between you and your focal thought. Then picture it being erased from that board. Deal with any outside thoughts quickly and return to your focus.

If you need something to help you focus your energy before and during a meditation session here’s a couple options, concentrate on the flame of a candle, a beautiful crystal, a piece of artwork or sigil.

Meditation has many benefits especially for those of us who find ourselves stressing out and feeling overwhelmed with life, which is why I do it. It is also good for those who practice magick because it’s a powerful tool for cleansing, steadying and powering your energy which will be reflected in your spellwork!