Mercury Retrograde (Nov-Dec 2018)

Mercury Retrograde (Merc Rx) happens around 3 or 4 times a year, for about 3 weeks at a time (not including the Retrograde shadow before and after), and the effects are felt by everyone in different degrees. For those who want to know how Mercury Rx might effect you personally consider doing or having a divinatory reading done. E-mail me at for more information on my readings.

November 16 – Dec 6, 2018 Here are my predictions for this Mercury Rx and some themes to expect during all Mercury Retrograde transits…

Mercury rules communication, travel, business, education, creativity, and is the fastest moving planet in our solar system. When retrograde, the planets appear to be moving backwards through the sky, causing an influx of INNERgy, forcing us into situations where we are tested and oftentimes forced to reevaluate ourselves. This type of introspection isn’t always welcomed and therefore Mercury Rx (and other retrogrades too) tend to get a bad reputation.

When you are aware of what to look out for during the Mercury Rx, you are able to handle these things better. So heads up, you may experience car troubles, flats, dead batteries, etc. Don’t freak out, but it is a possibility that money will be lost or spent incorrectly during this time, be mindful when signing paperwork or trying to secure money (loans), or when buying high priced items, specifically technology.

C o m m u n i c a t i o n is key.. keep in mind that lack of communication or misspoken words are the biggest cause of unnecessary trouble during this time. Speak mindfully, try saying what you plan on saying a couple of times in your mind before you say anything out loud. Work on the throat chakra right now. Practice self control, some things are better left unsaid. Double and triple check all emails, text messages, written notes as well.

With Mercury being in the sign Sagittarius expect challenges when it comes to travel, people from foreign lands, issues in education, law or authority. Focus on your own spiritual journey, investigate your beliefs and why you believe them.

I’ve learned to work with the energy of retrogrades and have embraced this as a time to create and communicate with spirit and higher self rather than posting and scrolling the social network apps, so for the three weeks, I delete Facebook, and Instagram (last Mercury Rx I lost the need for twitter which I use wayyyy less than I used to, the Merc Rx before then I lost snapchat, haven’t been there since) this helps me reset and focus on my blog, writing, painting, meditating, and reading in the time that is usually allotted (oftentimes wasted) for the internet.

So if you follow me on social media see you guys in 3 weeks!

-Magically Bree

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