Moon Animals

I love the Moon! Every phase is magical and I always find myself mesmerized by the glow of the moon. So in honor of the beautiful moon, I am writing this blog post about lunar animals.

You may see people casually refer to animals as ‘totems’ or a ‘spirit animals’ but I think it’s important to note that those beliefs are apart of indigenous religions and is taken very seriously within those tribes and cultures, traditionally they would perform sacred rituals before claiming an animal as their “spirit animal”. (Just a little note because it’s not fair to Natives to make light of their religious practices)

The symbolism of animals (and plants) is important for everyone to know. Throughout history mankind has lived alongside animals; the stories, fables, myths of animals teaches us about ourselves and life’s complexity. As a witch it is even more helpful to have a knowledge of animal symbolism, as references for spells and divination. Some witches have ‘familiars’ that are animals, such as a cat that assists in magickal workings.


Owls- The Owl is believed to be a ruler of the night and seer of souls. We often see them portrayed as “Wise”. They are careful in nature, mysterious, and powerful. Most owls are nocturnal, saving their hunting for nighttime, which is how they are connected to moon lore.


Wolves-  Thewolf is a creature with a high sense of loyalty, they are social animals despite the “lone wolf” misnomer. They are known for their wide range of vocal expressions and protective nature, wolf symbolism can be used in communication and protection work.


Bats- The bat is highly sensitive to their surroundings and considered a symbol of intuition, dreaming and vision. They symbolize perception on a psychic level, and can symbols of the bat can be used to have prophetic dreams or gain hidden knowledge.


Crabs- Because the Moon is the ruler of the zodiac sign Cancer, the crab is probably the most powerful animal associated with the Moon. Think about Cancer traits, protective, loyal, intuitive and feminine in nature. They also are emotional because of the close proximity to the element water.


Cats- Cats are associated to magick and the moon, they were also the symbolic animal of the Roman goddess Diana, Goddess of the Moon. Some fear cats, ever heard of bad luck of black cats? but many cultures worshiped the cat especially in Ancient Egypt and Rome.

Of course, more animals that are associated with the moon, all of the nocturnal animals and all sea creatures too!

Thanks for reading, feel free to share to your blog!

-Magically Bree

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