My Crystal and Charm Casting Set

Hey guys! I have recently picked up charm/stone casting from my witchy bestie, HighpriestessJ, she is the other half of Conjure Cuties and I am so in love with how beautiful this type of divination looks and feels. Watch her YouTube video on lithomancy (crystal/stone casting), here for a better idea on how it works.

I created this set using these crystals. Which came unlabeled so I tried my best to identify (if you think you know these stones they are let me know) and two charms that I already had.

Here are the meanings behind the charms and stones in my casting set:

Key– New Opportunities, Beginnings and Endings, Freedom, Restriction (Saturn, Capricorn)

Feather– freedom, travel, change (Uranus, Aquarius)

Rose Quartz– Love, friendship, relationships, healing (Venus, Taurus and Libra)

Amethyst– Creativity, Happiness, Intuition, Spirituality (Neptune, Pisces)

Citrine– Money, Joy, Greed (Sun) 

Tigers Eye– independence, protection, solitude (Pluto, Scorpio)

Lapis Luzuli– Communication, wisdom, growth (Mercury, Gemini and Virgo)

Moss Agate-prosperity, improvement (Jupiter, Sagittarius)

Carnelian– Action, Plans, Initiation (Mars, Aries)

Sunstone– power, self-confidence, sex (Sun, Leo)

Turquoise– clairvoyance, protection, Communication (Moon, Cancer)

Aventurine– prosperity, luck, wealth (Earth) 

If you are interested in divination and would love to learn more about it join the divination study group, One Of A Kind Oracles!

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