‘New Year Resolutions’ For Every Zodiac Sign 2019

I know there are a lot of people who don’t believe in the whole “New Year Resolution” thing, I hear people say everyday that they never follow these. If you read my post on ‘How to Win Capricorn Season‘ you know that this an important practice and something you should take serious!!

I used my divinations (dice alongside Vintage Oracle Deck, Gypsy Witch Deck, and Loteria Deck) to create the best resolutions for each and every zodiac sign!

Starting with the cardinal fire, the Aries, your resolution is all about finally starting the work it takes to bring your business idea to life, if you plan on being a self-made millionaire someday this is the year to start doing the basics and building a foundation.

Taurus is next as a fixed earth sign, your New Year Resolution should be about your transparency in relationships (romantic, platonic, professional, family), meaning you will be working on speaking your mind more in 2019. Don’t hold your tongue, let your wishes/wants/needs be known.

Gemini’s as the mutable air sign of the Zodiac, you guys need to clean up any messes made in 2018, especially when it comes to legal matters or debts, this is your focus going into this New Year. Once you are in the clear, you should focus on doing more things that make you happy and traveling.

Then comes our cardinal water sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, your 2019 resolution is to be reminded of your worth especially in relationships, if you are doing more for the relationship (carrying more of the responsibility) then your partner you may want to reconsider the whole relationship.

Leo is next as a fixed fire sign, ruled by the Sun, your resolution should be this upcoming year to learn the lessons of 2018, if you don’t know what your lesson was I wrote this post about it. Focus on yourself to avoid feeling stuck in 2019.

Next is Virgo, ruled by mercury, and a mutable earth sign, the best resolution in 2019 is to be present and enjoy the blessings you have already, stop competing and avoid reckless behavior or you could lose it all.

Then we have Libra as a the cardinal air zodiac represented by the scales, your New Year Resolution will lead you to the path of more money, but you will have to let go of the past and things no longer working for you. New Year, New Job?

And then my fave the Scorpio, which I like to call Ice because it is a fixed water sign, our resolution is very Scorpio, which is simply to set fire (figuratively or literally) to those things of the past that make us uncomfortable, and continue to have fun and live our best lives.

Then it is Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, a mutable fire sign, your 2019 New Years Resolution is to commit to a major change such as marriage, going back to school, or any thing that leads to self-improvement.

Next is Capricorn, who’s season we celebrate now, a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn this year is all about enjoying yourself, your New Year Resolution should definitely be travelling to exotic places, and letting go of the struggles of the past.

Aquarius as a fixed air comes next in the Zodiac, I can’t say I have a resolution for the water bearers but just some good advice for you guys, avoid biting off more than you can chew, you have been going through many life changes and are hoping for some calm. I think meditation would be a great place to start in 2019.

And last but not least the mutable water sign of Pisces, you are a very intuitive sign but you willfully ignore things. See things for what they really are this year and be very intentional in your choices. Your New Year Resolution should be to always go with your gut this year it’ll lead you where you want to be.

So what do you think? I would love to know your sign and what your personal New Year Resolution is, Comment below!

With Love,
Magically Bree

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