Rituals To Bring In The New Year!!

Say good riddance to 2018 and hello to 2019 in a Magickal fashion this year with these rituals…

✨ First and foremost, be GRATEFUL! You made it through another year. Either write down all the blessings and lessons, say them out loud, or just meditate on all the highs, successes, and moments of joy of the year!

✨ For those other moments this year, the lows, the failures, the moments of despair of 2018, we are going to RELEASE. Write down all those situations/people/habits etc. that you don’t want in 2019. You can burn this list or bury it at a crossroad.

 For attracting money, I have a couple different simple rituals…

  • Make sure that every wallet/purse/coin holder in the house has at least one coin in it.
  • Place a leafy green like a collard or mustard green in your wallet to prevent you from going broke in 2019.
  • Burn some money, if you have your ancestor money (Joss Money) burn that.
  • Wash your hands with money on New Year’s Day, you’ll have money all year long.

?This one I learned from a Chinese lady at work. She grew up putting a plate of four oranges and money in every room of the house to be financial wealthy for the year to come. The plates would be arranged with three oranges forming a triangle, a red envelope with money in it placed in the space between the oranges and an orange on top to close the space.

✨Honor your ancestors by lighting a white candle and sharing a meal, especially black eyed peas, greens, pork and cornbread because this is traditionally what was eaten on New Years to attract good luck.

✨ Set intention for the New Year by creating a vision board of your desires, goals, and plans for 2018. I use magazine clippings but the more creative the better. Make it so beautiful and inspiring that you want to admire it every single day!

✨ Cleanse yourself and your home with a spiritual bath. Look up recipes or create your own, personally I love to use hyssop, lavender, and rosemary with salt. You can use the same mixture for the floors, walls, and windows as you use for you body. Declutter and give away/throw out all of the things you don’t use or need to make your entrance into the New Year lighter. You should also smudge the home with sage, Palo santo, cedar wood, or whatever you choose to clear the energy in your home.

-Magically Bree

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