Orisha Love- Elegua

I am very interested in learning the Orishas/Loa, the 7 African Powers, I’ve written about Yemaya and Oshun already and today I am talking about ELEGUA!!

The reason why I’ve began my studies on Elegua is because in the past couple of days I’ve had a lot of weird encounters, with animals and fire alarms, weird I know, but also through a divination reading for myself I have got this message, the KEY is in the WARRIOR. I also got the message that whatever information that comes to me on Tuesday (today) is very important.

“The Key is in the Warrior”
This message could not be more perfect for ELEGUA, as he is the gate keeper, associated with Papa Legba (haitian vodou) they are the road openers. He is found at the crossroads and this is a great place to leave offerings and do magick at for protection and luck. Elegua’s day is Monday, so I will begin to spend a little time honoring him on this day.

He is one of the most sought after Orishas known to be very powerful and fast acting, as a warrior he is extremely protective. Said to have a childlike spirit, he loves candy and toys.

Offerings and Symbols of Elegua (and Papa Legba):
-The Crossroads
-The Colors Red and Black
-Monday, Friday for Battle
-Black Eyed Peas (this is a traditional New Year food, perhaps a road opener for the New Year?)
-Hard Liquor
-Spicy aromatic incenses, cinnamon, frankincense, oudh, rose.

Leave offerings at the crossroads, behind or near the front door, or in a space between buildings.

The more I learn of Elegua the more I feel like he’s been with me for awhile, he is a lover and protector of children and elderly. I’ve been working with elderly for most of my adult life and the amount of patience I have for them is amazing, thank you Elegua. Do not try to work with Elegua if you are manipulative especially to children, the elderly, or the poor. He is known to have trickster energy and can be very dangerous if you attempt to “use” him for your own selfish gain, if you thought your life was bad Elegua has the power to make it so much worse. Be honest and upfront with your intentions at all times.

Thank You for reading,
Magically Bree


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