Orisha Love-Yemoja

Yemoja (May also have other spellings like Yemaya or Iemonja) is the mother of all orishas, having given birth to the 14 Yoruba gods and goddesses (including: Shango the God of thunder and lightening, Ogun the God of iron, Oya the goddess of the winds and more). She is worshiped throughout the world especially in Yoruba religion, Umbanda, Candomble, Santeria, Haitian Vodou, and Folk Catholicism.


Call on Yemoja if you need…
to express a love for children,
to feel sincere caring feelings for others
the ability to see from other perspectives,
help being more domestic,
protection of offspring,
to forgive more easily,
help manifesting money with ease 

Yemoja Symbolism & Associations:
The Moon
Water (beaches,rivers,creeks)
Sea Shells & Sea Stones
Ancient Wisdom 
Motherhood (pregnant and breastfeeding mothers)
Fruits (watermelon, oranges)
Silver (jewelry, dishes, coins)
Light Blue 
The number 7 (The 7 seas) 
Pork rinds
(use on her altar and rituals)

You may be a child of Yemoja if…
Have had children (especially multiple and at a young age).
Any of the above symbols present themselves a lot in your life.
You are very creative, caring, and make money easily. 
Sensitive to violence and blood. 

(You should get a reading/consultation with someone familiar with all Orishas before you assume you belong to one)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and will lead you to learn more about traditional African deities. 

-Magically Bree 

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