Reflective Magick and Mirrors

Today’s topic is all about using mirrors and reflective magick. When I say reflective magick I am talking about “return to sender” to reflect baneful energy back to the sender. Unfortunately we live in a world where internet witches recklessly threaten hexes and curses on others and their families, mostly out of jealousy and pettiness. This is the reason why I’m always talking about protecting your self from all dangers; physical, mental, and spiritual.

It is much easier to reflect someones ill intent towards you then it is to stop it all together, I think it’s more powerful too, because essentially they are performing their baneful magick on themselves. I also prefer doing this type of work because I don’t necessarily want to cross anyone, but I definitely don’t want anyone crossing me.

Free Reflective Spell:
-Gather your supplies, a mirror and a black (or white) candle, optional reversal oils/herbs.
-Cleanse your space and your mind, meditate on becoming very reflective.
-Light the candle in front of the mirror with the intent that anything sent your way will be reflected to the sender.
-You can create a chant, remember this one from your childhood “I’m rubber, you’re glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you”?
-Repeat this for a week or however many days as it takes for you to feel like the evil has been adverted.

I hope this is helpful information to everyone! and remember MagicallyBree loves you, everyone will not have your best interest in mind. If you need a divination reading check out my services, here.


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